Guest picker for Gameday in Ames?

Discussion in 'Football' started by Jonrn, Sep 7, 2019.

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    Pollard will somehow get his ugly face on tv. The loser wrote ESPN begging them to come to Ames! The dude is pathetic! I can almost guarantee he has brought up the idea of him guest picking to espn already.
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    1. Slipknot is not part of the Aryan nation music scene, never has been. Not sure how you even make that connection. They're a very different genre.

    2. Their "music"...well...yeah.. Spare me the "old guy" crap...I've played about everything you can imagine including heavy metal and some bizarre experimental stuff. Unique, heavy, intense performance...for sure. but...
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    Former Hawk and 1/2 of the current WWE SmackDown Tag Team champions, Big E

    Current NBA Champ Nick Nurse

    ...or is that too much champion for Ames?
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    Except we don't pay Ferentz top 10 money.... haven't for a long time.
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    Jeff Hornacek is the man!
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    What part of sanderson left years ago and went to penn state and lives thousands of miles away and likely could care less about this game anymore don’t you understand?
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    Point still stands
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    Was that your Joe Biden?
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    What reality do you make of Iowa winning 7 of last 10?

    Sux to be you
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    I say they bring back the Corn worshiping farm family. 54cc1b0078b57_-_esq-cy-hawk-trophy-082511-xlg.jpeg
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    It's a stupid point, what you pay a coach has ZERO impact on the game, just some idiot fan expectations. Nebraska is paying Frost the 10th most money in college football, more than what Ferentz is getting paid. By your logic Iowa is going to lose to Nebraska on Black Friday because they pay their coach more money. Heck even Lovie Smith makes more money than Ferentz does at Illinois. Iowa will finish 8-4 if they only lose to teams that pay their coaches more money. Now do you see how silly this is?

    Based on last years numbers Iowa has the 17th highest paid head coach and 22nd highest budget for Assistant Coaches. I don't see any 2019 rankings yet so it's probably lower.

    I'm guessing you have ZERO complaints on the job Fran McCaffery is doing since he has the 47th highest paid salary in college basketball. I'm sure you are NEVER on the basketball site grumbling about the Hawkeye basketball program, right?
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    Imagine the uproar if that movie got made today.
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    Points taken. We are probably similar ... except I drink more than "barely", have left the clutches of organized religion, and don't like slipknot (or any "metal" other than Sabbath with ozzy and motorhead). Give me bad brains and minor threat instead.

    Anyway, I don't care who the picker is. I mean, it's a little on the nose, but could the celebrity picker be the American Pickers? Iowa's own (but I think they moved).
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    I moved away from Iowa in 2004. Lived in California and currently North Carolina. I still love the Hawkeyes and get amped up about this game and I didn’t graduate from either one of these schools. What makes you think Sanderson doesn’t support the school he graduated from and coached at just because he doesn’t live there?
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    I did read somewhere that Pollard said the university can recommend who the guest picker is, but ultimately ESPN has full control over the decision.

    The 5am tailgating thing is going to be nuts. If there's one thing Iowans will do its show up to an event like that. I expect gameday to be packed at 8am.
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    I'll one-up you with Grassley
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    Love it as an iowa fan, but know it likely keeps extending the ferentz kool aid drinking
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    Because he is head wrestling coach at a power 5 school on the east coast thousands of miles away likely hosting wrestling recruits at the penn st/pitt football game and getting his wrestlers ready for another run at a national title while schmoozing with penn st boosters in a sky box with his family in tow. That would be one reason. And to compare your situation to Sanderson, well, you sound like a moron