Guest picker for Gameday in Ames?

Discussion in 'Football' started by Jonrn, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. KCTrainer

    KCTrainer Well-Known Member

    Insane to even suggest it I know
  2. hawkijustin

    hawkijustin Well-Known Member

    They should flip a gene chizick coin off the new flyover bridge into a glass of Ames water and whatever side it lands on is the pick for each team.
  3. EstronHawkKing

    EstronHawkKing Well-Known Member

    Has anyone said Zach Johnson? Maybe he's golfing this weekend? Maybe it won't be anyone who doesn't even have any ties to Ames High or Iowa.
  4. EST1847

    EST1847 Well-Known Member

    What about Harrison Barnes? - NBA champ and Ames native. That might be the best of both worlds, Ames guy, but a nice little dagger that he spurned Iowa State for Roy.
  5. EstronHawkKing

    EstronHawkKing Well-Known Member

    It better not be Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds. I saw her tailgaiting last year in the Kinnick parking lot decked out in Ames High gear.
  6. oldhawk12

    oldhawk12 Well-Known Member

    What part of this is a clown hosted game don’t you get? And some of these suggestions. Wow. They are either going to pull in some semi famous non-sports figure that isn’t an iowa homer or it will be a semi famous clown homer. And it won’t be hoiberg, sanderson or likely even gable. No slip knot either. It’s very likely pollard or mccarney although a fired coach would be incredibly awkward. My bet is pollard
  7. EstronHawkKing

    EstronHawkKing Well-Known Member

    I'd be shocked if it was Pollard, outside of Iowa no one would know who he is or even care to listen to him. Wouldn't be surprised if it was someone famous, but no ties to the state of Iowa. I dont ever recall seeing an AD from any school on as a guest picker on Game Day.
  8. NikeHawk21

    NikeHawk21 Well-Known Member

    He’s in China right now with Team USA. They still have another game left.
  9. chucktownhawk

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  10. pythagoras

    pythagoras Well-Known Member

    What???'s not how this works.
  11. ibahawkeye

    ibahawkeye Well-Known Member

    Do they typically announce the guest picker ahead of time or do they announce it on Saturday morning? Will it leak prior?
  12. Chickenlounge

    Chickenlounge Well-Known Member

    I guarantee it will leak. You think Pollard can keep his big mouth shut? He'll probably have a billboard ready to proclaim the guest picker.
  13. MelroseHawkins

    MelroseHawkins Well-Known Member

    Ok, maybe I'm old, but why is the individual called guest "picker"? Never really got the title in this thread.
  14. chucktownhawk

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  15. eveningnewsteam

    eveningnewsteam Well-Known Member

    Probably Ray Kinsella
  16. #1DieHardHawk

    #1DieHardHawk Well-Known Member

    Is this Jim Harbaugh?
  17. oldhawk12

    oldhawk12 Well-Known Member

    What are you talking about?
  18. InGoodCo

    InGoodCo Well-Known Member

    So who is it?
  19. hawkijustin

    hawkijustin Well-Known Member

    Nobody worth a shit or it would have leaked by now. Hell, they might just save the embarrassment and go without one.
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  20. chucktownhawk

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