Gus Malzahn is the new head coach at...

Discussion in 'General College Football' started by hawkfan2679, Dec 13, 2011.

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    And, with no Cam Newton and no Gus Malzahn, Ghizik is about to become a bump in the road unless he hits a home run with his next coordinator hire.
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    His stock has cooled off tremendously from last season. His crazy *** wife also did him no favors. He's kind of a different guy too, he's not great with the media which is a big part of a BCS level head coaching job.
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    Go Red Wolves! Wow, after going undefeated in the Sun Belt and losing Freeze we all thought the bottom was going to drop out. Now we get a guy with strong credentials and tons of Arkansas ties.
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    800K to be a big fish in a small pond. Not a bad gig. Beats the hell out of being a high school coach.