Gustafson Iowa's 1st-Ever 1st-Team AP All-American

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    IOWA CITY, Iowa -- University of Iowa women’s basketball senior Megan Gustafson has been named an AP First Team All-American, the Associated Press announced Monday.

    Gustafson is the only Hawkeye to ever earn first team All-America distinction from the AP. She is one of six Hawkeyes to earn AP All-America distinction. Gustafson earned second team honors last season.

    A native of Port Wing, Wisconsin, is ranked in the top-three nationally in eight statistical categories. She leads the nation in points per game (27.9), field goal percentage (70.1), double-doubles (33), field goals made (403), and total points (978), ranks second in defensive rebounds per game (11), and third in rebounds per game (13.5) and total rebounds (472).

    Gustafson has also earned first team All-America honors from ESPNW and was named ESPNW’s National Player of the Year.

    A complete list of AP All-Americans can be found here.
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    Congrats, this is well deserved.
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    Congrats to MG. Well done!
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    I suppose she will have to play overseas to make the $$$. Maybe she will end up in China.
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    She can make some nice coin in the WNBA. I think the minimum is $50K. She should make more than that as a projected first-round pick.

    Tangela Smith, an Iowa alum, played in the WNBA and overseas at the same time. The seasons didn't overlap.
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    Hey Rob, were Baylor fans attacking you on Twitter the past few days, if so what were they saying towards you?
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    They didn't like that I posted the video of Mulkey being annoyed by the attention being paid to Gustafson.

    Cultish group like Penn State and Michigan State fans.

    I've moved on.
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    Average WNBA player makes around $74,000, the better all star players make close to $117,000. I googled this and these numbers came up. I'm sure the popular players get endorsements from the likes of Nike, Under Armour. I bet the more attractive players might get make up deals as well.
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    some times the truth hurts, and their fans know it. At work today everyone was talking about what a rag Mulkey truly is. Even the girl at the bank counter when I dropped by went off about Mulkey as well.