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Discussion in 'Iowa Women's Basketball' started by RobHowe, May 22, 2019.

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    What's the point of their draft then?
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    You have to be able to shoot from the outside or at least have a mid range game.
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    Tough break for Megan. We'll see if she gets another crack at making a roster. It's not easy making a WNBA team considering there are only 12 of them in the league. There's nothing wrong with playing overseas if that's the route she takes, heck I wouldn't be surprised if the money is better in some of the leagues.
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    I wondered if her lack of quicks might make it difficult for her. I'm sure she'll find her niche though. She's uber talented.
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    I think her lack of height probably hurt her. She is 6'3, there are a lot of women in the WNBA between 6'4 - 6'7.
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    To be fair once she got against Baylor’s WNBA talent she got shut down and you could see the size, speed, and athleticism wasn’t quite where it probably needs to be for that level. Kalani Brown and Lauren Cox has their way with Gustafson. She’s a great Big Ten player but didn’t face very much pro level competition in this league.
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    She had 23 points and nine rebounds against Baylor. She wasn't as dominant as she had been in other games, but she wasn't overmatched. Brown had 14 points and 7 rebounds. Cox had 22 and 11. They had each other to help on MG, who Brown couldn't stay with so they moved Cox on her.
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    Great college career. tremendous representative of U if I Time to dig out the diploma
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    I thought she looked super frustrated not being able to play her normal game and she definitely had trouble keeping up in transition. I have to think that those problems would be magnified at the WNBA level.
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    Fuck that
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    No doubt she was frustrated. Her team got thumped and there was nothing she could do about it. She frustrate Brown, though. Cox gave MG more problems and was the best player on the floor until she got hurt.

    MG is a role player in the WNBA, but I think she could find her niche if given an opportunity. The Dallas franchise is a mess from what I've read. Maybe she can find a team more willing to utilize her strengths. And she needs to show a competent face-up game at 6-3.
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    Exactly. Would you want to play for an organization that drafts you in the first round and then cuts you? Do they have any clue what they want to do? What direction they want to go? I'm not sure they have a clear idea. They did her a favor. She can catch on. There's room for a hard worker with talent. Maybe not super athletic talent, but basketball talent.
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    I do not follow the women's game (college or pro) close enough to really have a strong opinion on it. I don't know, but it felt like a numbers game. With only 12 teams in the league you really do not have time for developmental projects. That being said, it is hard to believe the POY couldn't find a spot somewhere to sit and learn.

    Maybe she is the female version of Jimmer Frerdette.
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    I don't follow the wnba very much but I don't get how you could waive your first round pick before the season even starts. The GM would have to look like a total schmuck to the owners...I'd assume
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    Sometimes gamers get overlooked.

    She will catch on with someone and be very productive.
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    I believe Megan was a 2nd round pick. There are only 12 teams and she was pick 17.
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    You just blew my mind. You're also correct
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    She's back!

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