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    I thought this thread was about "life as a G"
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    I was a student at Iowa when CHA was built. Experienced the FIeld House and CHA. I'll never forget one of the first games I went to in CHA. Some people behind me were upset because I wouldn't sit down, stay in my seat and enjoy the game. That's when I knew CHA was going to be a problem. The structural design (aisles every 6 seats at floor level) is another discussion).

    Much like the South end zone of Kinnick, they f***ed up CHA. I have the original promotional folder created for fundraising...the design was much better than the final we ended up with. And the scaling back was completely unnecessary... funds came in at a much faster rate than expected. It wasn't a money issue.

    I don't know who the d-bag is making these "compromise" construction decisions...but that's been a significant governor on the potential of facilities. I can only imagine what's going to happen with the North end zone.
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    1) he doesn't jump onto the floor at every call against Iowa.

    2) he doesn't scream wildly over bad officiating. If he did, he would be on game threads here doing what what most of us do.

    3) I'm not him but I wish I had a seat by him. He would have to hold me back at times.

    4) the older I get it seems like I am more willing to let people be themselves if it doesn't effect me.

    5) if the refs are paying attention to one fan jumping around about calls instead of one Fran, then they need to find different work.
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    Hell, this could be about any number of coaches in the BIG.
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    Ok for his enthusiam but stay off the court. All we need is for this guy or another fan to impede a ref or player.
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    This is why the students should be down closer to the floor and spread out along the floor. The students in several rows from behind the opponents second half basket around to center court down close to the court is what is needed.
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    Wound up tight much? Good lord...

    Feller is a cool dude. Met him a few times, and used to be pretty active on Twitter.

    Peeps here always crying because Carver fans sit on their hands too much, but just can't handle a dude enjoying his team, tuned in to every play.

    Some of you need a hobby.
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    I see him at most away games as well. I've never met him, but hearing he is a big supporter means his donations help make things better for the baskeball program. Seeing the locker room and media rooms in person a couple years ago, it makes me appreciate what some of the big donors have helped create inside CHA.

    Having him at floor level means when he gets up and cheers, the players can see that and hopefully it helps them increase their level of play.
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    I would bet he is 2x the hawk fan then most of the posters on this site. I don't see the problem. The guy puts his money where his passion is. Personally I wish we had more big donors like this. Are his antics a little animated? Sure, but it is usually donors with passion that help catapult a program to national relevance.

    P.S. Jok doesn't seem to mind. I have seen him talk and laugh with the guy several times. I also won't ever forget the court storming on Senior night when we beat Purdue. I was in the 8th row and by time I made it to center court Jarryd Cole and this same guy we locked in a blissful embrace. It was such a fun moment and a defining moment in Fran's turnaround of this program.
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    I usually love that guys enthusiasm. However, I did notice the 2 or 3 times he jumped all over the officials and almost stepped on the court though. That was over the line IMO.

    Its not like Gene Steratore, who has reffed super bowls, is intimidated by "mr courtside Iowa fan".
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    Even my last time in Kinnick my seats were in front of an old couple. By the end of the game I'm pretty sure we were extremely annoyed with each other.

    When I get to be too old to stand on my feet at a game I'll be staying home to watch it on television.
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    I smile at all of the comments about putting the students down on the court. Why? So there would be more empty seats shown on tv?

    In my best Trumpian-like Tweet: Student participation at Iowa home games. Sad!

    I like the idea of the students closer to the action, but the reality is I don't think they show up. If someone could prove this wrong, I'd be behind it.
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    Like some have said he's a local doctor and big booster. He's a pay board member the other Iowa board and is well connected. He's said he has a good relationship with the refs and they know it's all in fun on how he acts towards them. Same with some opposing players. Said he never swears are makes personal remarks out there. Based just off what I've read from his posts he seems like a nice guy and his info is usually dead on. Isn't one of those guys who just throws stuff out to see what sticks. He gets some hell from the paid members as well but handles it fairly well.

    Just seems like a big Hawk fan who wants to support the program any way he can.
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    I've had that told to me at games too back in the day when I used to go in the 90s and early 00s... I was like WTF. If you want to see here are your options. Get handicap seating, Stand up, or get tickets in front of mine. But I was by no means going to sit down like I was going to Church the whole time. If I was going to do that I'd have stayed home.
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    Plenty is wrong with it. Jumping onto the floor and acting like a jack-ass every time Iowa gets whistled is immature and boorish.
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    I can see your point of view if, I work off of the premise, that you consider a passionate, animated and demonstrative personality to be undesirable for fan decorum. However that means that we don't cheer for our team the same way. I personally applaud his passion and fandom. If he ever has a complaint lobbied by another program, insights a riot or gets a us a technical in a critical juncture I might reconsider my position.
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    I can agree with this.
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    Yeah, they could be one deep three quarters around the court. Would make a HUGE difference!
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