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    All you'd need is 200-300 for TV. I mean, when students do show up it wouldn't be like they're going to fill up the back seats first.
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    You've peaked my interest, what's wrong with the S end zone at Kinnick?
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    More students might go to the games if they had some primo seats where they think they are really making a difference instead of being up in the nosebleeds behind the small spirit band.
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    Maybe they could start by putting some of the students who do show up on the north baseline, and even add some more floor seats along the south baseline. There is a huge space between the floor and the first seats on the north side. Not sure how it can be done without blocking some views/disrupting handicapped seating, but there should be a solution. Agree with those who critique the layout - whoever designed it didn't know much about creating a lot of noise in an arena, particularly without a capacity crowd.
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    "Someone like you." Or maybe it is you?
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    Too much empty/open space for one. Secondly the's way too flat (compare it to the North end zone or the side stands)...takes away a lot of the intensity. The building codes excuse was sited by one official, but that's BS. Stadiums routinely fall outside of that or are given dispensations. Examples are plentiful. The outside looks great, the plaza was a nice addition and the concourse is wider than the side stands, but the seating should be higher and tighter into the field. That would also bring it into closer proximity to the side stands and there wouldn't be that huge gap. Similar era stadiums have been rebuilt without such obvious weaknesses.
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    I've watched games in a lot of arenas around the country. I had season tickets in the Fieldhouse and at Carver. There is nothing wrong with Carver that good crowds won't cure. Some of the loudest games I've ever attended were at Carver.
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    Yea, screw that disabled seating they put in the S end zone. I say get rid of half those handicapped seats and tighten and higher up the seating like you say. Like those jackals are going to go to a game past Oct. 15 when it gets too cold anyway.
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    Interesting that no one has actually mentioned this guy's name. Or the mods have been on-the-job and deleted it. I don't know who he is, but will be watching for him.
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    Boy, could have swore his name was in here yesterday. Someone mentioned it. Wonder what happened to it?
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    Yeah, that's exactly what i meant. JFC...
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    Think it's great. More Hawk fans (that attend games) should have his enthusiasm. It's called HOME COURT ADVANTAGE
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    i was at a wrestling meet in Carver back in the late 80s when Brooks Simpson pinned Eric Voelker....who was defending ncaa national champion and iowa went on to upset iowa state. loud as hell when that pin happened - i was pretty low to the floor -
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    I went back and see that it was mentioned or linked a few times. And apparently this Feller really likes the attention. Not only sitting courtside, but also next to the announcers for chit-chat.
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    He pays good money for the privilege. I don't have a problem with it.
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    Oh crap... busted.
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    is this the guy?
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