Handling Scholy Offers

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by legelsegel, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. legelsegel

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    Does anyone have any knowledge on how coaches handle managing multiple scholy offers?

    think it's safe to assume that the coaching staff has rankings for each recruit.

    Let's say right now the order of preference is the below and there is only 1 scholly left.

    1. Sehic
    2. Morrow
    3. Anunoby

    Let's assume all interest is genuine but Sehic is traveling to Iowa in November. Morrow in October. Anunoby in September. Since Anunoby is visiting first, he may get blown away and want to commit, but the coaches would prefer to have Sehic. Do they call Sehic and say, we love you, but you have to tell us now because another recruit wants that final spot? Or if Anunoby wants to take the offer, does he automatically get it because he said yes first?
  2. docholihawk

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    It depends on how confident Fran feels about landing someone he values higher. My guess is it will go to the first one willing to accept it. We haven't been very good at closing out recruits so we better take whoever is willing to come.