Happy Weekend Ya Filthy Animals

Discussion in 'Football' started by Fryowa, Jul 13, 2018.

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    Here’s a good ‘un to get your Friday night started off.
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    Just think how many TD's CJ would have had if any of his WR's could have created separation and had breakaway speed.
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    In my opinion Tevaun Smith was the most under-utilized receiver in either the Fry or Ferentz eras.
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    The irony is Greg Davis had pretty well adapted to Ferentz's game by 2015, but there was the damn route trees and horizontal passing attack Davis could never let go of. VandeBerg was really the only receiver that really got all the reads. CJ was much more decisive about making the reads and pulling the trigger than Rudock.

    The combination of the zone running and horizontal passing attack allowed opposing defenses to compress the zone they had to defend. Without a game plan to stretch the field, Iowa's offense had to either muscle it or pick their way through narrow gaps in opposing defenses. That limited Tevaun Smith to the occasional intermediate to long pass along the sideline.
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