Hats off to Phil Parker

Discussion in 'Football' started by kameltoez102, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. kameltoez102

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    Had the D prepared today and but most of all thanks for teaching our defense how to tackle. I have been switching through several games this afternoon and I can't believe how many missed tackles I have seen especially by secondary players. At least we don't have to deal with that.
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  2. uihawk82

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    YOu are so right and Phil is still without 3-4 starters, my gawd he is doing a great job and coaching them up. DJ Johnson and Koehner playing well.

    We could use Reiff getting back to playing
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  3. NCHawker

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  4. DDThompson

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    Yep. Good game.

    And that means hats off to Michigan’s defense too?
  5. SidFarkas

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    Been this way with Iowa football for most of the Ferentz era.

    Norm and Phil have carried KF basically his entire tenure.

    Wake up Kirk, score some fucking points.
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  6. HaydenHawk56

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    Hats off, they did very well with what Michigan gave them. If you would have told me Michigan would only score 10 points, I would have thought Iowa won this game going away.

    But, like I said in another thread, my only caution is Michigan may not have throw the ball down field to avoid Patterson throwing another pick or 2. That may have prevented Michigan from putting more points on the board. Then again, the strategy may have helped prevent an offensively challenged Iowa playing on a shorter field. Michigan seemed content to play extremely conservative for the most part.

    Downfield blues will return for this defense and we could see this next week. We better be more prepared at Kinnick for PSU.
  7. Caddy

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    PSU will eat Stanley alive. They had 10 sacks today against Purdue, and have one of the best defensive lines in the nation.
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  8. HaydenHawk56

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    Hi Hawkeye Fans....I just got sacked again! How do you like me now?!
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  9. dahlhawk

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    There should be some sort of asterisk by Kirk's win totals giving 90% credit to Norm and Phil. Today was flat out embarrassing. We're just fortunate that the announcers were cheerleading so hard for Michigan that they didn't criticize Iowa too much.
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  11. hawkeyes87

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    That's awesome.

    Missed "perfect" only because he didn't mention BF.
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  12. koralakers

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    They will be SALIVATING when they watch this tape as they prepare this coming week.
  13. Motigerhawk

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    What sucks is that Parker should be rewarded with the HC job. Man, does he deserve it.