Hawkeye Coaches Working Hard for Joe Alt's Commitment

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, May 31, 2020.

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    Iowa legacy feeling good about relationship with program:

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    What happen here I thought we had him.
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    Notre Dame still has a lot of pull. Iowa does not beat it for that many recruits.
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    Good question... Racism accusations, coaching uncertainty may be at the top of the list. Hard to tell to what extent that's affecting things already. But you know other coaches are using that against us like crazy. There's no doubt about it.
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    At least Kirk doesn't have blood on his hands! Remember that time when Brian Kelly basically killed a student videographer?
  7. Fryowa

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    Is that a serious question?
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    Sure do. Crazy windy day but he wanted those guys up there to film practice... But that's old news hell not one recruit now would have heard about that I bet. Not one. Todays news cycle goes pretty fast.
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    I posted on an earlier thread that Notre Dame's offer was big for him. His dad was a Hawk, but he has I believe two other family members that went to Notre Dame, if not three. He was giddy right after getting the offer and the writing was basically on the wall at that point. While I'm sure it didn't help, my guess is the recent turmoil had little if anything to do with his decision.
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    A Notre Dame sheepskin is highly prized in some disciplines and maybe for many disciplines.
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    Saw an interesting article on 247 by recruiting analysts Allen Trieu. Joe's father John (who played at Iowa) said Joe had been looking forward to training under Doyle but now that he's gone that influenced his decision. Sounded like in the end, he just felt more at home at Notre Dame.
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    Hopefully Iowa is working on hire a replacement even with the investigation going on. That's obviously an important hire.
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    i think his question is serious he thought that iowa was going to get him because his dad played at iowa he would be good fit at iowa we do a lot of good things to develop linemen we send them to the nfl because kirk ferentz is a good coach he has been coaching many years he is close by iowa he lives in minnesota i caught a big fish here once it was tasty i cooked it in breadcrumbs i had to poop when i got done it was worth it i want to go there again sometime i have gout so i won't be going this year hopefully it clears up i went to a doctor he said to wait it's been a long time and its not better i hope it gets better so i can watch college football not on tv but in the stadium even though alt isnt coming to iowa i still like them and we'll do fine without them i think it was a good question
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    I called 911 for your stroke, what's the address? I need to tell them where to pick you up.
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    This was a rollercoaster ride!
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    John Alt was a client of one of the advisors I used to work with. Great dude. Met him one time, talked Hawks for like an hour when he was there randomly. Out the blue I received a signed photo of him in a KC uni and Hawkeye uni. He also had started an energy/nutrition drink company and had sent me like 5 cases of the stuff for the office. It was pretty good, cant remember the name of the brand though.

    Salt of the earth guy, genuine as hell.