Hawkeyes Offer ‘21 West Branch DE

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by RobHowe, Jun 2, 2019.

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    Does this mean they are worried about not getting Bollers?
  3. Jeff has offers from Nebraska, Iowa State, Northern Illinois, Minnesota, Virginia Tech, Vanderbilt, and now Iowa. He'll camp at Notre Dame in two weeks and receiving strong interest. He also has strong interest from Oregon and many others.

    He just finished his sophomore year. He's 6'5", 250 pounds, ran a 4.8 at iowa's camp yesterday, and turned 16 today (June 3rd).

    He's not a fallback.
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    I saw him play 3 times last year. Lots of room to get better but was always best athlete on the field and usually biggest.
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    Awesome stats, Parkeye! Good to hear.

    Get him on campus and hanging around AJE as often as possible this next year and he may absorb some awesomeness. Hard to turn the Hawks down if he gets to know the staff and the guys...

    West Branch is only, like, 9 miles away, right? Marv Cook’s hometown?
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    Doubt it. They're likely gonna take more than 1 DE, especially as thin as it is now.
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    Of all the 2021 in-state kids, Iowa is confident in getting all that they want other than Bollers. As of now, he prefers to be an outside lb in a 3-4. I have heard if he stays in-state, that ISU will be his choice. Obviously, things can and will probably change. But right now, Iowa is on the outside for landing him.
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    From what I know I'd be shocked if Bollers stays in state. If he does stay in state I believe it would be a coin flip between Iowa and ISU. Just my 2 cents.
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    What are you hearing on the out of state options? Nebraska lean? Mutual Pac12 interest?

    The 3-4 edge position preference is sure interesting. But I would think that a kid is his position would be flexible to position-change conversations. I know we all love the idea of "TE U", but Iowa puts defensive guys in the NFL at all levels. You hope the recruits recognize that. Whether it be DE, OLB, etc. We have the track record on that side of the ball, at all levels of the defense.