Hawkeyes Offer Tyler Ulis' Brother

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, Jul 17, 2019.

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    Hawkeyes Jump in with Chicago Guard Ahron Ulis

    Iowa offers brother of former top target.

    "Getting this offer meant a lot. I love how Iowa plays at a fast tempo."

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    Can’t wait for the expert analysis and commentary on this offer to develop on HN.

    Nice words about Fran from Dad and Ahron.
    Sign him up
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    List of offers

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    Wait one more year to blow up than your brother did please.
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    I like that he's 6'2" instead of his brother's 5'8".

    As best I can tell Tyler is a free agent looking for a job.
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    Yep, he was waived by the Bulls in December. I believe he's recovering from a hip procedure to fix the issue that teams flagged during the draft process. He tried playing with it for a year or so and finally decided to have the procedure done.
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    He's about to blow up in 3 2...

    Isn't that pretty much how Iowa basketball recruiting works? When we offer and it's like chumming the water for the big fish. Fortunately, this class will be committing in a few short months so I'm glad we've held off until now! Doesn't give as much time for everyone else to jump in.
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    From what I've read he is only a fall back recruit. I have no idea how good he is, but it doesn't sound very exciting.
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    As of now maybe it's not. But Tyler wasn't very exciting a little earlier than now in his career either. Maybe he has the same ceiling but is just a year behind.
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    Iowa has offers out to several of players in the 2020 class and at pretty much every position. By very definition that would mean anyone we offer now is a “fall back” recruit unless you are implying he has a non-committable offer, which I’m certain you have no clue.

    From what I’ve heard this kid has worked extremely hard on improving his game and it is starting to show. Many think more high major attention is on the way. Iowa has a good relationship with the family. This seems like a good offer.
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    I wonder if Tyler knows how much he's still talked about by Iowa fans. And if so, I wonder what he thinks about it? No one in Kentucky will even remember him in a few years and he would have been a God around here for the rest of his life. Some people wouldn't care about that and some would. Hopefully Tyler cares about it and talks to his brother about it.
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    I highly doubt he regrets going to Kentucky. He played in a final four. Was part of team that would have joined the argument for one of the greatest college basketball teams of all time prior to their final four loss. He realized his NBA dream and is also probably good friends with Devin Booker, Karl Anthony Towns, Trey Lyles, Willie Cauley-Stein amongst others. I doubt he’s losing sleep over not playing for Iowa.

    Tyler would have been a program changing type recruit for us but I don’t view his brother in that manner at all. Ahron would be a nice piece to add to this class in the backcourt with some potential.
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    That wasn't my point. My point is hopefully Iowa fans still talking about him makes him realize how much a good player means to the state and he relays that to his brother in a positive way. Maybe that can be a tie breaker against a school like Illinois or something.
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    So this is from last summer. But it shows him working out with his brother, a guy who has started games in the NBA now:

    It's highly apparent in this video that Ahron is not the ballhandler that Tyler is. He's just not as smooth in the drills and looking at Tyler's high school highlights, it's clear he was better back then too. But Ahron can also throw down a dunk and gets a piece of some of Tyler's shots when guarding him and he wins a number of 1v1s against him hitting some nice jumpers and layups. AND that was a full year ago. You know he's been working out with his brother since, getting extremely high level coaching and advice so I would not be surprised to see his stock rise significantly when he starts putting it all together. The potential is through the roof.
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    I think one of the reasons Tyler was such a gifted ball handler and agile was because at his height he had to be.
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    I checked with James Ulis. Ahron has been in LA with Tyler working out. He has not visited Iowa since it offered him on July 17.
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    Does everyone just assume its iowa because of the offer list?