Hawkeyes Suspend Workouts after Positive COVID-19 Tests

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, Jul 28, 2020.

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    Interesting - The CDC and Health Departments are saying 10 days without retesting is adequate if they don't develop symptoms.
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    So long best Iowa basketball team in my lifetime. Never even knew ya. Hopefully another great team comes around sooner. And without a pandemic to stop it.
  4. BigD

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    I say screw it and let the players work out and scrimmage together, but quarantine themselves to everyone else. We would have the damn best immune team on the court. Immune to defeat! :D

    Now back to reality. It is a thought as the chances of any of them having serious lingering affects are minimal, but we all know there is no way the University would ever set themselves up for those kinds of lawsuits. :(
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    I am assuming you are to young to have seen the 1987 team.
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    I have wondered if some teams have the strategy of developing herd immunity prior to seasons. Wouldn't put it past some..............Clemson!
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    Won't make much difference if other teams don't and we continue to have this happen over and over before the season even begins. Doesn't fare well for even having a college BB season this year. BTW, the '87 team, as good as they were, finished third in the conference that season. The 2015 and 2016 teams both did that. The 1970 team is the gold standard. That said, I had higher expectations than third for this year, with Luka, of course. Now it seems to be slipping away.
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    Yea I hear ya! Sucks.
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    We older Hawkeye fans have been waiting since 1979 for a team to actually win a B1G Basketball Championship (not a BTT Championship). I thought this team had an outside chance. Now, it looks as though we won't even get a shot.
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    Or the 1980 team.

    If the pandemic does stop this team it won’t take too long for it to be compared to the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers. Forget the fact that Michigan State and Purdue are still around, or that Wisconsin had a classic mid season case of addition by subtraction (Kobe King) and returns five seniors who can shoot. Rutgers returns plenty of talent as well. Don’t automatically anoint Iowa just because the season might not be played. We will have to earn it.
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    Boomer Esiason literally suspected several blue blood schools of doing just that on his radio show.

    Any coach who deliberately exposes his team to the virus to attain some early form of herd immunity should be fired on the spot and I don’t care if it is Dabo, Saban , or Orgeron . Boomer should also have his head examined as perhaps this is a sign that all the football concussions are finally catching up to him.
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    The conference from 1987 to 1989 was definitely loaded.

    All our 1987 team lacked was a lockdown perimeter defender. Someone who could get out and contest shooters. Go back and look at our five losses, and a couple of our close calls. We did t have that sinewy, tough as nails, perimeter pit bull. Perhaps Bill Jones could have been the man. But his role diminished more and more as the season went on.
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    Dude, I hear ya, but I really don't think it is past some to do it, especially with the $$ and what's on the line for universities/colleges. Sad but true. I'm almost certain some are doing it. May not be completely intentional but they may not be taking the measures to limit it, if you know what I mean. Also, they are probably fine with some players getting it in July, if you know what I mean.
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    It's still a long time until the season starts. Two weeks off won't harm this team. I thought the players who test positive were to sit out, not the whole team. If the whole team shuts down due to a positive test by one or two players or team staff I don't like the chances of a full season.
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    And don't forget Illinois returns a ton of production as well and probably the best backcourt player in the league pair with a talented inside player.

    While I'm excited about a potential season I think some fans need to ease up on this top 10/B1G Championship/Final 4 talk. All of the teams you mentioned play much better D than Iowa does. And until Fran commits to more consistent play on that end of the floor any conference championship or deep tournament run are unrealistic.
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    Duly noted in a post for another thread. Dosunmu and Cockburn made their decisions shortly after I posted this comment.

    Our defense made some strides last year but still has room for improvement. And with Bohannon playing a larger role (Toussaint should be playing a larger role) we will have to absorb his defensive shortcomings as well. Here’s to hoping that some of the incoming freshmen can add depth to keep players like Wiesy from wearing down and that they ca also help on the defensive end. Purdue, to name one example, destroyed us twice last year. Absolute dismantled us.
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    Why not? Spit ball all the ideas they can come up with and go with what can work. We want a season!!!
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