Hawkeyes Tab Samford's Derrick Foster as 10th Assistant

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. RobHowe

    RobHowe Administrator

    Iowa announced the hiring of former Samford coach Derrick Foster as its 10th assistant on Tuesday:

  2. 83Hawk

    83Hawk Banned

    Welcome to the Hawkeyes! I hope he does well!
  3. RobHowe

    RobHowe Administrator

    He worked with Seth Wallace at Valdosta State in 2011.
  4. Ree4

    Ree4 Well-Known Member

    Nice to see we're getting some more help on offense
  5. RobHowe

    RobHowe Administrator

    I have a hunch this might help with LB target Jayden McDonald as well.
  6. Adam

    Adam Well-Known Member

    How so?
  7. SpiderRico

    SpiderRico Well-Known Member

    So is Derrick coaching RBs which frees up BF for fulltime OC duties?
  8. WinOneThisCentury

    WinOneThisCentury Well-Known Member

    Recruiting, recruiting, and more recruiting. I like this. Someone to scour the JC ranks and knows the South under the radar kids. I'm sure some will go off about an under the radar coach, but make no mistake, this was about a recruiter.
  9. Adam

    Adam Well-Known Member

    I'm cool with the firm of Bell and Foster patrolling the south to snag some future hawks.
  10. MoseSchrute

    MoseSchrute Well-Known Member

    Well, it definitely needs it.
  11. lightning1

    lightning1 Well-Known Member

    Anything to help Brian become the next head coach. Anything!