Hawkeyes vs Twerps

Discussion in 'Iowa Women's Basketball' started by ClintonIAfan, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. judzeehawk

    judzeehawk Well-Known Member

    Hey Clinton the game is over.
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  2. ClintonIAfan

    ClintonIAfan Well-Known Member

    Iowa outscored the Twerps 21-19 in the 4th thanks to aggressive play and accurate free throw shooting.
  3. Stanzi

    Stanzi Well-Known Member

    Wow, what happened tonight??
  4. EstronHawkKing

    EstronHawkKing Well-Known Member

    What's a bigger joke, how bad the Iowa women played tonight or the amount of crap you spew on this site??!!?
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  5. ClintonIAfan

    ClintonIAfan Well-Known Member

    Monika Czinano shot a perfect 7 for 7 from the field, and was the leading scorer with 15 points. In addition to that she was a perfect 1 for one from the free throw lane, and she grabbed a game high 7 rebounds. What a great game for Monika.
  6. EstronHawkKing

    EstronHawkKing Well-Known Member

    you are such a tool
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  7. PCHawk

    PCHawk Well-Known Member

    Clinton is like Mark Wahlberg in The Other Guys where he learns to ballerina dance just to make fun of ballerinas. He probably hates womans basketball but spends time watching them just so he can troll.
  8. ClintonIAfan

    ClintonIAfan Well-Known Member

    Iowa shot 13 for 14 from the free throw line in the second half as well.
  9. EstronHawkKing

    EstronHawkKing Well-Known Member

    no one buys into your fake/positive bullshit, dumb ass!
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  10. Robowe

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  11. SayHawkKid

    SayHawkKid Well-Known Member

    That Baylor skank Mumfrey? What's Freezy done to win top crud?
  12. judzeehawk

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  13. seepig

    seepig Well-Known Member

    Hell in Men's basketball you can pay players to come to your U. Or get Nike, Addidas or UA to pay for them to come. I suspect there's some of that creeping over to the women's game...Baylor (given all it's illustrious past especially when it comes to the treatment of women) may just be dealing a little under the table....it's merely an unfounded opinion but who knows.
  14. ClintonIAfan

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  15. EstronHawkKing

    EstronHawkKing Well-Known Member

    Give it up, loser
  16. judzeehawk

    judzeehawk Well-Known Member

    I know Maryland has had some recruiting violations. Didn't care enough to dig into it because it never really matters in the end. Baylor I think is very crooked but what the heck it really doesn't matter in the end either. I don't care for either coach.
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  17. ssckelley

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    OMG, my side hurts from laughing at reading this thread!
  18. Fryowa

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    @judzeehawk and @hagarwood , what's up with your special needs buddy @ClintonIAfan ?

    He's even gone so far off his rocker as to ignore you guys, his only two friends on the board. Has he had a stroke? I'm imagining him somewhere smearing lipstick on his face and stabbing voodoo dolls.
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  19. EstronHawkKing

    EstronHawkKing Well-Known Member

    The voodoo dolls have our usernames on them!