HN TV: LeShun, Kittle, Duzey, Ekakitie, Croston, McCArron Pro Day Interiews

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Mar 27, 2017.

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    Watch what George Kittle, LeShun Daniels, Cole Croston, Faith Ekakitie, Riley McCarron and Jake Duzey had to say about Monday's Pro Day in these HN TV video interviews:

  2. deanvogs

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    Can we finally quit with the myth that Iowa doesn't have speed?

    Daniels 4.51
    King 4.52
    Kittle 4.52
    Reily "White Lightning" McCarren 4.36
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  3. CP87

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    Compared to NFL combine results:
    Daniel's 4.51 would have been tied for 10th out of 28 RBs who ran (tied with Fournette)
    King's 4.52 would have been tied for 18th out of 33 DBs who ran
    Kittle's 4.52 was 3rd out of 14 TEs who ran
    McCarron's 4.36 would have been 3rd out of 51 WRs who ran

    It should be noted that while Indy does have a fast track for 40, other conditions surrounding the combine are less than ideal for a player (see Matt Bowen's article).
  4. RobHowe

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    Duzey ran a 4.62.
  5. Xerxes

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    They have speed. Just not as much as top tier programs in the B1G conference or from other conferences.
    Plus speed in the 40 doesn't = speed in football pads with a ball, being chased by others, or having to chase down another player.
  6. hawkdrummer1

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    skimming your small sample off the top of the heap doesn't hurt either.
  7. CP87

    CP87 Well-Known Member

    Agreed, it is a small sample.

    However, if we could test the entire team from last year, I think we would find pretty good speed throughout the WRs (McCarron, a healthy MVB, J. Smith), TE (Kittle and Fant, young guys seem athletic), RB (Daniels, Wadley, Toks), and OL. I think the D would show okay as well; I think the DBs and LBs would be about what you would expect of a P5 school. I think the DL would not necessarily stack up with the upper-echelon teams, and I think the drop off from 1st to 2nd/3rd/4th string would be much bigger than it is for the elite teams.

    I also think you would find that some of our speed is smaller than some of the elite teams' speed (e.g. McCarron, MVB).
  8. Joshbrown

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    Oh Iowa has talent. When we lose it's almost NEVER because the other team has more on-the-field talent. That's been true for over a decade.
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  9. deanvogs

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    Does it blow some peoples mind that by benching Willies and putting Powell, Smith and McCarron on the field that we GAINED speed. Derp, Ferentz sits talents, play slow WR instead, Derp!
  10. docholihawk

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    The problem was how we used that speed when we had woofer Davis calling plays. This year we find out if Kirk is the one who suppresses our offense.
  11. SteveGarvey1

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    Kittle made himself a lot of money at the combine.
  12. HawkeyeWalker

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    The biggest issue I have with KF is too many loses to what appear to be "lesser" teams....i.e. NDSU, ISU most years, the directional Michigan schools of the world, etc.

    That said, what about when when Iowa wins when the other team Does have more on-the-field talent, that must just be luck, huh?

    Pros still outweigh the cons for me regarding KF....which is probably obvious. As is your opinion to the contrary.
  13. PCHawk

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    That's impressive if true.
  14. DMLadyhawk

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    Just want to say that I wish all of them luck with whatever comes their way. These guys have been great Hawkeyes and represent us well. I had a lot of fun watching them for the past 4-5 years. Thanks
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