Hock and Fant - tight race

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    All that you stated are of the social opinion variety. Think even deeper.

    Do we agree that a flame is hot? Do we agree that snow is cold? Do we agree that flowers smell? Do we agree that water feels wet?

    You were once a baby with no knowledge of reality. You were indoctrinated into a reality of countless minor and major collective binding agreements upon just about everything. These things make up the huge statistical base of human agreement. While they are in no way universal fact, they are collective agreement to describe the human experience creating a broad reality for all to share.

    Opinions are a whole different ball game. This is the area that individuals vary greatly, but all the varying opinions in the world drawf our collective conscious of reality.
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    Yup, Noah is a good young man. I never thought he was the problem. I always thought they just didn't invest in him the same as TJ because they knew Fant was gone no matter what.

    As for why they didn't play him in a hybrid slot. I guess it boils down to a lack of forethought or a lack of creativity. If Iowa runs into this particular problem (rather a good problem) again I guess we will see which one it truly was.
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    Or maybe he wasn't/isn't the best route runner, dropped a few balls and every time he was on the field he got double teamed. Not to mention a big part of our run game not being very successful and a liability in pass protection.

    Why is it so hard for people to assume that Noah lost out on playing time based on mental mistakes and a lack of execution in the other aspects of the game that weren't running straight down field.

    Our offense had a lot of execution issues that killed drives/cost us games. Kind of have to live with Stanley's at this point. But when you have two other TE's that are doing everything right why wouldn't you play the personnel that made the fewest mistakes.

    You really want to put Fant in the slot our out wide? To do that you are first assuming he knows those position reads and can execute them (which I doubt). And second that means you are taking snaps away from Easley or Smith. Sorry just not seeing it.

    When a running back loses playing time for not being able to pick up a blitz everyone understands, but when a TE that can run fast loses playing time everyone just assumes it's because the coaches are dumb? K
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    Well that is an over exaggeration of my comment. It has been debated many times on here if TJ was just the better more well rounded TE. Well the NFL draft pretty much summed that up. TJ is the better overall TE.

    My comment was accounting for that fact. So Noah is a big fast target but he isn't the starting TE. You mean to tell me that we couldn't have found more opportunities to get a big fast TE on the field? All I'm saying is of the coaches had the forethought or creativity they probably could have found ways to use Fant as WR more.

    As for your scenarios sure its possible the coaches thought that Fant wasn't as good of a WR threat as our actual WR's, but I think that would probably be wrong.
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    At the end of the day Fant went 20th which is about as good as you can hope to do regardless of your college situation. Who knows, maybe the smaller amount of playing time kept him healthy. Can't get hurt if you're not playing!
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    Both should have been on the field every play or nearly every play, obviously. The 2018 offense vastly underachieved.
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    Ross P in the 5th round. I would've like to seen him in a Hawkeye uni
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    Yep. You had Top 20 talent in both. Fant was unstoppable when tossing him the ball after motioning. They should have done more of this whether throwing to him or using him as a decoy.

    HOCK was screaming at Brain to get him the ball during the bowl game. Wasn't his first target in the 4th quarter?

    I have said it so many x's I am even tired of hearing myself. Pops and Jr are all about the offensive line. They don't know creative offensive football beyond the line of scrimmage. And going for it on 4th down doesn't qualify as creative offense.

    * Some on here are blaming Stanley for not getting our TE's more targets/catches. Yeah he isn't very accurate by normal standards, and thus will hurt his NFL chances, but this was fundamentally poor planning and strategy by our offensive geniuses.
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    Your slight of Beth Mowins just made it personal. Cosell couldn't carry her bustier or her garter belt, and you know it.
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    Let's add em up.


    Are we done? Anyone else from this class putting on an NFL jersey?
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    I still think Hesse makes a squad.
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    Kirk literally said in a presser last season (paraphrasing) "he's the most complete football player on our team". I would say that too if I started someone ahead of a future 1st round draft pick. A more dedicated Hawkeye with a bigger heart you won't find. He single-handedly won the 2015 game against Debby. Wish the best for him.

    Here's a breakdown of the B1G in the draft:

    Ohio St- 9
    Wisc- 4
    Mich St-2

    Only Purdue and Debby went draftless. Which begs the question: HOW DID PURDUE BEAT US?

    And now for some awesome videos:

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    Ok kirk
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    So...he’s good enough to be taken in the first round of the nfl draft but not to start at iowa...a team that didn’t win a damn thing of any real significance during his time. Gotcha. Here’s another one no one in our media will ever have the guts to question the $6 mill man on. Everyone likes to puff their chests about all the draft picks. Then you look at a team like Nebraska that had zero drafted. Zero. And we squeeze by at home...31-28. With all the draft picks and all the puffy chests, it doesn’t translate to recruiting and certainly not on the field based on the individual development that happens. And I’m continually amazed at the number of fans that are ok with development in lieu of on field results. It’s a head scratcher
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    Here I am being interviewed by ESPN talkin 'bout my boys TJ and Noah. At one point I say "who the hell can watch 7 on 7". I felt I did pretty good but give me your take on my skills as an interviewee.

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    Opinions on Fant's selection out here in Broncos land vary greatly. Those who consider him a wr call him middle of the road and as a TE really lacking in the blocking department. Others are gaga over his athletic ability. We will see who is right. Funny side note on Drew Lock's selection is one guy, I think he was with CBS, said Lock was confused in the backfield, inaccurate on passing, and holds the ball too long, making him the perfect John Elway QB selection. Pretty funny.
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    As of today both he and TJ have nice stats for their freshman campaign. Fant has a slight edge statistically. Just an FYI for the vast majority who predicted TJ would have the better NFL career. Have to wonder how many points we left on the field his junior year. I'm thinking at least 5 or more TDs. :(
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    Hockenson would have some better stats if Stafford were playing. There have been a few games where he has barely been targeted. Hockenson has also blocked much better than Fant in the games I have seen. Where Fant has done some damage, just like at Iowa, is when he is spread out of off the line