Holiday Bowl Coaches Luncheon

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    I have 2 tickets to the Holiday Bowl Dexcom Kickoff Luncheon on Thursday, December 26 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt but unfortunately cannot go to San Diego. I will give them away to anyone who wants to go and can pick them up in south central Iowa before then. If you are going to the Holiday Bowl and are interested, contact me at [email protected] and we'll work out the details. Hope someone can go and have a good time in my place!
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    Those events are usually pretty enjoyable. And KF is always better than the opposing coach because he is usually smarter, has a better personality, and has a much better sense of humor than one would expect.
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    Tickets are still available if anyone needs a last minute Christmas gift,:)

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    Tickets have been transferred! Everyone have a great time in San Diego! Go Hawks!