Holy shit how wrong has this board been?

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by InGoodCo, Dec 13, 2019.

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    Wrong. As long as iowa tries harder they can win. The other members of the division can try all they want, but can only win as long as Iowa doesn't try. It all revolves around Iowa. The rest of the nation has to just sit back and pray that iowa fans accept mediocrity so they have a chance to win.
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    Iowa won those games riding the back of the best closer in college basketball, in JBo. Last year was filled with incredible highs and lows. I just felt if everyone had been rowing in the same direction it could have been possible a high league finisher and possible made a deep tourney run. I know they won a lot of games but it's nice to have a little hardware to show for it. Iowa hasn't sniffed a league championship, Big Ten Tourney Title, or made the sweet sixteen for a long time now. I feel Mac compromised his coaching to certain individuals in order to keep them at Iowa. Look at Iowa this year, ball movement instead of a power forward facing up 30 feet from the basket. Low turnovers, last year we saw players who were turnover machines. Perimeter defense, the close outs this year are quicker and with much more purpose than last year. Maybe this team wins less games than last year but to me they are infinitely more fun to watch, at least for me.
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    Oh I agree with that, this year is a lot more fun to watch for me too... but I wasn't like, displeased with last season.... it was a fun year and relatively speaking, compared to the season before, A LOT more fun. Now, I will agree with you that Mac compromised his coaching to certain individuals in order to keep them at Iowa. He had to field a team and work with the ingredients he had... and look what happened, 2 of those players in question, shipped off in the off season and there's certainly been a lot of hand wringing over that as well.