How does this end?

Discussion in 'Football' started by tweeterhawk, Jun 11, 2020.

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  1. tweeterhawk

    tweeterhawk Well-Known Member

    How do you see the current Iowa football racial controversy ending?

    My prediction:

    Chris Doyle - gone
    Seth Wallace - gone
    Brian Ferentz - demoted
    Kirk Ferentz - pay cut, one-year probation, agreement to have outside monitor/counselor on racial issues within the program.

    Some recruits de-committing. More players transferring.
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  2. westender

    westender Well-Known Member

    From what they tell us, in about 4.5 billion years the sun will enlarge and swallow up the earth, and that is if the collision of another galaxy with the Milky Way doesn't end earth first. Of course if we ever find out who is flying those Tic Tacs around that defy everything we understand about physics then maybe they end us first.
  3. HawkPrdatr40

    HawkPrdatr40 Well-Known Member

    Chris Doyle Gone is the only thing that will happen.
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  4. okeefe4prez

    okeefe4prez Well-Known Member

    Doyle will get the ax. Herrald will completely lose control of the campus by the second week of September and be met with a list of absurd demands. The mob will want him gone when they don't feel like he is listening. A splinter faction of the football team will side with the mob. Team goes into a tailspin. Kirk says "screw this" at some point during the season and rides off into the sunset. Iowa totally whiffs on the next hire and we enter the program's second nuclear winter phase that lasts until the earlier of the dismantling of football nationwide or a time when we are all dead or too old to appreciate having a good team.
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  5. InGoodCo

    InGoodCo Well-Known Member

    With Iowa Football being better off.
  6. InGoodCo

    InGoodCo Well-Known Member

    I agree, I think Wallace and BF could be suspended and you might see Bell promoted somewhere.
  7. trj

    trj Well-Known Member

    Brian Ferentz needs a free pass or he needs to go. I don't think either is happening so Wallace and Doyle are toast and it is about KF selling whoever that he can "rehab" his kid.
  8. SteveGarvey1

    SteveGarvey1 Well-Known Member

    With a National Championship. Kirk coach of the year. ESPN ends up with a 30 for 30 on how Iowa overcame racial strife to win it.
  9. Cyhawk

    Cyhawk Well-Known Member

    CD gone - all else stays the same.
  10. HaydenHawk56

    HaydenHawk56 Well-Known Member

    Doyle gone. Ferentz retires after this year. Brian is no longer a lock for the head coaching job.
  11. tweeterhawk

    tweeterhawk Well-Known Member

    I think this is a real possibility.
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  12. HawkeyeWalker

    HawkeyeWalker Well-Known Member

    full reinstatement of the dirty 30.

    Go full on scorched earth.
  13. hawkeyebob62

    hawkeyebob62 Well-Known Member

    I think Doyle is already gone, but KF is still fighting for him. Come July, I think KF and BF gone, as well. 2020 sees 4-8, maybe 5-7, despite interim coach pledging a "wide-open" offense.

    Dillon Doyle to UCF, gets waiver, goes to two or three NY6 bowls. Doyle and KF retire, BF to NFL for a couple seasons, before giving up football. PP to non-B1G school, gets to CFP game or two.

    That's probably how this ends...
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  14. HawkPrdatr40

    HawkPrdatr40 Well-Known Member

    If Ferentz retires I can almost guarantee you that Iowa will have a Completely new staff on the sidelines in 2021...
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  15. HawkPrdatr40

    HawkPrdatr40 Well-Known Member

    Aside from Doyle being gone your probably 100% wrong!
  16. trj

    trj Well-Known Member

    Aren’t half those guys back over here anyway?:)
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  17. taffaej

    taffaej Well-Known Member

    I don't think any changes happen, maybe sensitivity training, people missing games, light suspensions. From what I have seen most players didn't claim racism just insensitivity, but I am sure I haven't seen all articles.
  18. revkev73

    revkev73 Well-Known Member

    Wasn't coach Greg Gard at Wisconsin accused by a player of being Rachel? They player "left" the program because of the "situation" because he wasn't "appreciated for what he was" or whatever it was. He was a high tier recruit from Wisconsin, IIRC. I thought Gard was gone...he wasn't.

    Gard remained, the team was better. Imagine that. Perhaps the Iowa staff realized that the team would be better without the selfish, look at me, listen to me, follow me on Twitter, I am a victim types on scholarship. (Race aside, these types of personalities do have a shelf life and others tire of it and they can suck energy out of the group) Iowa seems to have made a deliberate decision to recruit more team players, more healthy players, more stable players no matter which community they come from. It seems to have worked.

    How will it end?

    I can't see Kirk allowing Brian to be disciplined in any way.

    I would say someone has to be nailed to the cross as a sacrificial payment, Doyle, step forward. However, I would guess that this sacrificial payment will not be sufficient for the howling mobs.

    It could all blow up and we will be cheering for Rutgers of the West...trying to be excited with a big win vs Illinois and North Dakota State.

    Iowa could start looking more like Bob Jones University or BYU on the field.

    Or so it seems... Who will be players who dare to step forward as leaders? Who at the University will step forward to be a leader for all involved, not just the howling mobs of the Twitter attackers or the coaches? With good leadership, this can have a happy, even a healthy ending. Without such will burn to the ground and those who should lead, are paid to lead, will hide in the shadows with the attorneys.
  19. hawkeyebob62

    hawkeyebob62 Well-Known Member

    Doyle's lawsuit is where it will really blow up. And it will likely be the first step to dismantling the football program.
  20. okeefe4prez

    okeefe4prez Well-Known Member

    No. VintageHawkeye has disappeared. I got a new phone and can't find his number and presume he is dead. GhostofBTT is now a hit on Twitter. He has like 69 followers and one time he got retweeted like 103 times so he is in the big leagues now.
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