How far will Iowa drop in the AP/Coaches poll

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by metahawk, Jan 25, 2014.

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    Kansas #6 and Kentucky #11 are jokes. I'm sorry, the Big12 is a pretty strong conference but it's not all that and a bag of chips. No real quality wins outside of conference.

    Oklahoma - no quality wins outside of their own conference to hang their 10-gallon hat on.
    Kansas - they have just as many losses to top 50 teams as Iowa with only slightly better top 50 wins OOC than Iowa.
    Baylor - They beat Kentucky...sarcastic yeah!!!!! That's it. They lost to Tech. That along should keep them out.
    ISU - good team that lacks height.
    OK St - Like all other big12 teams, has only 1 quality win outside of conference. They are good but not better than the top 1/2 of the Big10.

    Kentucky has 2 - TWO wins against teams in the top 50. Both of which were in December. They haven't played a single ranked opponent in a month and have 3 losses to teams with RPI from 50-100.
  2. Don't be mad. Pollsters are dum.
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    Hard for me to believe that there are 14 teams better than Iowa but if we win tomorrow night that will take care of itself.
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    I disagree about Kansas. They have 10 wins against the Top 100 of the RPI and all 4 losses were against the Top 22 of the RPI by 4, 3, 6 and 4 points respectively.

    Iowa has 5 wins against the Top 100 of the RPI and 4 losses against the Top 14 of the RPI by 5, 3, 4 and 8.

    The biggest difference between Kansas and Iowa are: 1) Kansas didn't play 7 sub 150 RPI teams like Iowa and 2)Kansas has momentum - They've won their last 6 whereas Iowa is 4-2. Had Iowa won those 2 games (Wisconsin and Michigan), we'd be Top 5 or 6 ourselves.
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    I expected losses at Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State before the season started, and hoped and prayed we would win the rest. If that happens we could be champs in the regular season......

    Odds might be against it. The Gig is tough this year, as Fran says: It is BRUTAL....

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    If we would have won those 2 games we would deserve to be ranked 3rd.
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    Kansas has 5 wins against ranked teams, one road and one neutral, and played the toughest schedule with a young team that struggled early. Iowa State has beat 4 ranked teams, all at home of course. No other team in the top 25 have more than 3 wins over ranked teams.

    Oklahoma didn't play muderer's row in non-con but they only lost neutral game to MSU and a clunker to La Tech.

    Oklahoma State only has one loss to an unranked team, an away game at Kansas State.

    Baylor underachieving.

    When looking at the Big 10, it's a lot of the same.

    Michigan did not beat a single ranked team out of conference, going 0-2 and losing 2 more games besides.
    MSU's only ranked win was Kentucky, which you say suck. I think it's weird that MSU won @Texas, Texas won @UNC, and UNC won @MSU.
    Iowa did not beat a single ranked team in the non-con.
    Wisconsin only beat Florida.
    OSU only beat a ranked Marquette, that is now 11-9.

    Not sure where you were going with this statement: "Like all other big12 teams, has only 1 quality win outside of conference. They are good but not better than the top 1/2 of the Big10." Schedules and strength of the conferences are pretty identical.
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    Oklahoma St is the most overrated team in the country at this moment. Their best win is a home win against a Memphis team who later beat them on a neutral court.
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    I will agree that Kentucky shouldn't be as high as they are, but Kansas is looking legit. Last week the teams that beat Kansas were ranked 4, 5, and 7 and receiving votes (that team got to #15 before their best player got hurt). They now have wins over Duke (neutral court), New Mexico (neutral court), @Oklahoma, @Iowa State, Kansas State by 26, and Oklahoma State (and Baylor who for some reason was ranked when they played Kansas, but they are pathetic now). At least 4 of those are better than Iowa's best win. I'm sorry, but since conference play has been going on for a month, I don't get why you want to go on about non conference wins (of which Iowa's best was Xavier, not even close to some other team's wins).
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    I agree. Kansas has earned their spot. If the NCAA tournament started tomorrow and Kansas is a 2 or 3 seed they make the Elite 8 in my brackets and I don't have to see who they're playing to put them there...assuming Iowa is a 4 seed and couldn't play them until the Elite 8 of course.
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    I'm not sure why anyone would rip on Kansas or the Big12. They Big12 is pretty salty this year, and Kansas is playing like a #1 seed right now.