How Has Iowa Done Against the Top 10 Winningest Programs All-Time?

Discussion in 'Football' started by ChosenChildren, Dec 30, 2019.

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    Iowa's win over USC was important because USC is one of the Top 10 All Time Winningest Programs (a "blue blood" program)

    Here are the latest all time win totals from Winsipedia (Iowa's updated record against each team is in parentheses):

    1. Michigan 962 Wins (15-42-4)
    2. Ohio St. 924 (15-46-3)
    3. Alabama 915 (0-0-0)
    3. Texas 915 ( 1-1-0)
    5. Notre Dame 908 ( 8-13-3)
    5. Oklahoma 908 (0-2-0)
    7. Nebraska 902 (18-29-3)
    8. Penn St 898 (12-17-0)
    9. USC 847 (3-7-0)
    10. Tenn. 845 (1-2-0)


    1. 4 Current Big Ten teams in the Top 8.
    2. Ferentz had two wins this year over blue bloods (Nebraska and USC) and two losses (Michigan and Penn State).
    3. Iowa's overall record against blue bloods: 73-159-13 (.324 winning percentage)
  2. ChosenChildren

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    Here is Kirk's record:

    1. Michigan 7-6
    2. Ohio St 2-8
    3. ALA 0-0
    4. Texas 0-1
    5. Notre Dame 0-0
    6. Oklahoma 0-1
    7. Nebraska 6-5
    8. Penn St 8-8
    9. USC 1-1
    10 Tenn 0-1

    Overall: 24-31 (..436 winning percentage)
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    Good analysis. It would be interesting to see how skewed this is by the 2 dead decades before Hayden arrived. I don't think it would be .500, but it seems like it would be more in line with Kirk's record. Our record against USC is 3-7, but 4 of USC's wins came in the Nagel and Commings eras and Iowa had 19 and 20 year droughts against Michigan and OSU respectively that really add a lot of skew to the overall numbers. Even Nebraska looks like they are reliant on pre WWII wins and scheduling us as a rent a victim in the Commings era (they ended up getting decent Hayden teams) and at the end of the Hayden era when Kirk had to go in there with some bad teams. That series has definitely taken a turn.
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    Nebraska a blue blood...:rolleyes:
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    It's truly LoL worthy.
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    Nebraska is a blue blood, just ask their fans.
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    We own Texas. Relatively speaking.
  8. ChosenChildren

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    They certainly are NOT a Top 10 program since 1997. Not even close
  9. DDThompson

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    Nebraska’s blue blood has coagulated .... and to to a deep brown-red
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    You can determine who the elite or "blue blood" programs are by their all-time records,
    to avoid the justified criticism, you can determine who the elite teams are based on their records starting in the year 2000, which is a helluva lot more relevant.
    For example:
    I think it's great we have 8 wins over Notre Dame, but the last time we played them was in does it really matter if there are only a few people still alive who even played in those eight games??
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    The Top 25 Teams I’d like to see Iowa play.
    (In no particular order)
    1. Notre Dame
    2. Alabama
    3. Clemson
    4. Georgia
    5. Florida St.
    6. Oregon
    7. Miami, Fla.
    8. Auburn
    9. Texas
    10. Oklahoma
    11. Tennessee
    12. Utah
    13. Colorado
    14. USC
    15. Texas A&M
    16. BYU
    17. UCLA
    18. North Carolina
    19. Virginia Tech
    20. West Virginia
    21. Stanford
    22. Ole Miss
    23. Georgia Tech
    24. Arizona
    25. LSU
    It would be cool to do a home and home or a one-time game at a neutral site. I know Kirk doesn’t like to go out West, but maybe that’s because he hasn’t had much success out there. We shouldn’t have to wait for a bowl game just to play a team. By my thinking, it would help expand our brand and recruiting.
  13. AreWeThereYet

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    Since 1979
    1. Michigan 11-17
    2. Ohio St 5-20
    3. ALA 0-0
    4. Texas 1-1
    5. Notre Dame 0-0
    6. Oklahoma 0-2
    7. Nebraska 7-8
    8. Penn St 10-12
    9. USC 1-1
    10 Tenn 0-2

    Miami-Florida 0-2
    LSU - 1-1
    Wisconsin 22-13
    Oregon 0-2
    Washington 1-2
    UCLA 1-1
    Michigan State 18-12-1

    Didn't play - Georgia, Clemson, Auburn, Virginia Tech, Texas A&M, West Virginia, Utah
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    The bowl game vs Tennessee still pisses me off.
  15. ChosenChildren

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    Good analysis. Iowa beat Tennessee 28-22 in the Peach Bowl in 1982 so you can show that as a victory......record against Tenn is 1 Win and 2 Losses
  16. ChosenChildren

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    It is amazing to me how dominant Ohio State has been over the entire Big Ten for 50 years. Unbelievable. They really are the bully of the Big Ten. That win in 2017 is even more amazing in retrospect.
  17. okeefe4prez

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    Both that game and the 2004 game, I stayed until they shut down the scoreboards. It is so rare to beat OSU. That was probably the best game of the decade.
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    I even had it down on the piece of paper at 1-2. Missed it. Kind of frustrating actually. I don't track through columns of numbers and figures the way I used to be able too.