How many people get flu shots as another example

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    I was curious about this recently when talking with a friend about flu vs coronavirus. So I looked it up on the CDC website and their records from a public system that tracks Flu shots showed in the 2017-18 flu season, which was measured as harsh, only 37% of americans 18 and over went to get a flu shot. Flu shots help and they are even proven to make the flu symptoms less harsh. Now the CDC said 60 milliion americans got the flu that season and many had to be hospitalized and over 60,000 died.

    I tried to find out how many who got the flu shot also were hospitalized with the flu but I couldnt cull out that figure. But out of 320 million americans I guess 250 million are over 18 years old. My general guess is that most people who got the flu that season did not get a shot.

    But one could easily imagine that if the number getting the flu shots doubled to 74% then maybe the number getting it would have been cut in half to 30 million with maybe only 30,000 deaths. And the suffering, grief and misery is bad enough let alone the loss of economic costs and personal monetary costs.

    We all end up paying for this. I hope the coronavirus doesnt come back in the autumn or next year more virulent and we can have a vaccine.

    The 1918 Spanish flu outbreak was traced to a US military camp nearby Kansas in 1917, although the virus may have like usual earlier jumped from some animal to humans in China, and it was bad but still mild as troops in many US bases then went to Europe. The spring of 1918 wasnt so bad but it hit with terrible force in the autumn of 1918.
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    At some point, people do need to die to make room for people being born.
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    People naturally die or maybe you didnt know that.
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    Unfortunately, illness is natural even though a pandemic.

    ....and oh, to answer your question. Both my wife an I DO get our flu shots. Two boys as well.
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    The problem with the flu shot is there's so many different strands its almost a coin toss to see whether the shot you get that year will be affective against the variation of the flu that hits that year. Due to my career I'd be a fool not to get the shot as I work directly with the public, and get a flu shot every year religiously. Unfortunately, two years ago I got the strand that the flu shot was supposed to be effective against and this year I ended up getting influenza B.

    The flu shot will never be 100% effective, but then again neither are condons. I'll continue to get the shot and hope it works.
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    I do not get flu shots. Not a fan of them. Had the flu last about 4 years ago. Before that had been many years.

    Businesses lobby for the vaccines. Flu vacs is a 1.6 billion dollar business.

    Flu last year mutated rendering vaccines useless and many who goth the fly did have flu shots.

    The first place to start is a good diet low in sugar and healthy lifestyle. I'm more upset about the drain that poor diet and unhealthy lifestyles have than not getting the flu shot. Not a big fan of putting unnatural things in my body unless absolutely necessary.

    Though I don't run anymore more due to a knee injury my BP is 110 over 68 and rest heart rate is under 60. My blood sugar is terrific and have a good bmi. I do have a weakness for natural peanut butter. Most what I eat is organic.

    My health ins cost would be way lower if more did the same and I could invest more...spend more on other things.
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    There are studies that show that the flu vaccine actually makes people more susceptible to other respiratory infections, including coronaviruses.
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    Interesting, do you have several links to those studies?
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    Try buying condoms, they might work better for you!
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    I do. I know of a couple. I'll post them later when I get some free time.
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    In all seriousness you make valid points. We've gone from a society of taking care of ourselves to one accepting chronic health diagnoses as a part of life and treating the chronic diseases. Drug companies love that!
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    Yeah, 3 kids later that's great advice.
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    The yearly flu vaccine released in August each year in the US is a very educated guess of the flu that was seen early in the spring, etc usually in Asia. There have been a few cases where a supplemental vaccine was released because of an additional strain or strains.

    That can happen but there could be multiple strains in the US meaning that the flu shot from August should cover at least some or all of the strains.

    There is a reason health insurance from employer sponsored private plans and Medicare type pay for the flu shot so that it is free to most americans and that is because employers and health insurance know they save more money in the long run by keeping people healthy.

    I cant explain it any other way than that and yes some companies are making money.

    I used to get flu and it hit me pretty hard but I havent had it in 23 years and I remember when because I missed a youth sports meeting when I was a team coach.

    I do not have any bad effects from flu vaccines.
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    Like mine it's anecdotal. There are other possible reasons for flu shot coverage.
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    Do you ever, ever fact check your views, or just continue to babble nonsense.
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    There you go again. Clear presentation of logic which will be lost on...well, you provide a list here.
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    What is wrong? Are you fat or just grumpy. Baaa baaaa.
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    Huck I gotta say, in consecutive posts you praised one guy for using logic and another for never fact checking. I assume the only difference between the two is which one you agree with. It's pretty common for people to call something they agree with "logic" so I'm not just calling you out. We all probably need to get better at that. As far as fact checking goes, I'm sure both posters can provide links to their "facts". There is so much BS out there the only thing we can go off of to decide which ones are facts is our own "logic".
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    I've gotten a flu shot maybe 4 or 5 times as an adult. I'm 40. I dunno if they worked or not. I've maybe had the flu a couple times both as a kid. Never as an adult so I guess I'm lucky in that way just not in the winning the lottery kinda way.