How to watch the game saturday

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    Thanks, TShroeder, there is also another way for anyone who have most cable/satellite service. DirectTV, Dish and Mediacom provide the service. Watch on your smartphone or laptop, hooked up to your HDTV various ways. Wifi or HDMI cable will work......

    If you have BTN on cable or satellite, you automatically have BTN2Go that you can watch on your smartphone or laptop which you can hook up to your HDTV one way or another......

    DirectTV, Dish, Mediacom are providers which cover a lot of HawieyeNation fans......

    What are the minimum connectivity requirements for BTN2Go?
    You will be able to enjoy BTN2Go at its highest video quality with a broadband internet connection speed of 3.0 Mbps or higer.
    Do I get BTN2Go?
    BTN2Go is available to subscribers of participating TV providers. Currently, Algona Municipal Utilities, Bright House Networks, Cable One, Cedar Falls Utilities, CenturyLink Prism, Charter, City of Wadsworth, Cox, DIRECTV, Dish, EPB Fiber Optics, FirstMile, Frankfort Plant Board Cable, Golden West Cablevision, Great Plains Communications, Hawaiian Telcom, HBC, HomeTel Entertainment, Long Lines, Madison Communications, Massillon Cable TV / Clear Picture, Mediacom, Nebraska Central Telecom, Inc., Optimum, Reinbeck Telecommunications Utility, RTC Communications Corp, Shrewsbury Electric and Cable Operations, Spencer Municipal Utilities, Time Warner Cable, Verizon FiOS and WOW! offer BTN2Go to its subscribers on iOS. We continue to pursue partnerships with other TV providers to launch BTN2Go. If your TV provider is not listed, please let them know you want BTN2Go.

    On this page, top right hand side there is a box with a Key in it and the words that say: Sign In To Get Access, click on it and find your provider. Might have to call them to get things going. Sometimes It is more complicated that It should be. If All is as written, we can watch the game......

    BTN2Go > 24/7 Live Stream > Big Ten Network Live Streaming and On-Demand Video

    I'm going to call My Boys at Mediacom and determine the truth in that statement.......

    Signed: Jack
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    This is the BTN2Go site information taken ar face value.....

    BTN2Go to air Iowa-Nebraska game on Saturday
    Saturday afternoon’s Iowa-Nebraska game, originally scheduled for Thursday but postponed due to an impending winter storm, will air at 2 p.m. ET on BTN2Go, the Big Ten Conference announced Wednesday. The game was originally set to be televised by ESPN2, but when the game was rescheduled, ESPN informed the conference office that due to other programming commitments and logistical issues it would not be able to televise the game. The conference office then asked if BTN could come up with a solution so that fans would be able to see the game.� As a service to Iowa and Nebraska fans, [...][​IMG]
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    We Hawkeye fans are certainly a resourceful bunch! Guess I'll have to resort to the following methodology to watch the Hawks...

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    My parents have direct TV so I can use their password but for everyone who doesnt have that provider this site works for them.
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    Posted this late last night so ill bump it so more people can see it and hopefully watch the game
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    There's nothing that can make that God awful floor look good. I hope the Huskers are getting a new one with their new arena.
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    Jack knows his tv connections!
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    I hope you're right. My provided doesn't allow btn2go and I know that there were some games that weren't listed on wiziwig earlier this year. Oh well, I've always got Dolph and Bobby to fall back on. I always listen to their broadcast during the games anyway.
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    Bumping to the top. This has been a great way to watch early in the season.
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    They are. Kind of the same design only with white sidelines. That an I think they are also using a different kind of wood.
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    try this site it has worked very well for me in the past for bigten2go games. I am currently watching it and it is working fine. Sometimes its not the best picture but something is better than nothing. you have 2 options to choose from On my PC i choose "Flash" and it seems to be working well. Good luck!
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    Anybody having trouble with BTN2go?
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    first row sports still isn't working for me. still says it'll be up soon. i let sit for over 10 minutes
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    Btn2go is almost unwatchable
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    same for me. guess it's dolph and bobby today.:mad: