How triggered will Iowa fans be when Nebraska's new coach humiliates us every year?

Discussion in 'Football' started by BEATHARDTEAMS, Jan 9, 2018.


    BEATHARDTEAMS Well-Known Member


    i'm thinking long term as an IOWA fan....

    i want us to lose badly so we can get a new staff....

    LEZ go NEBBY!
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  2. BVHawk95

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  3. homes

    homes Well-Known Member

    Let's see, a third person reference and a first person reference in the same title. You're getting a little sloppy.
  4. westender

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    How distraught will Nebraskans be when Coach Wonderful returning Conquering Hero can't time warp back to the 1990s? Doc, get the Delorean!
  5. 1hawkeye1

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    This is the 2nd time you've started a thread about how awesome Frost is and how Iowa fans should be scared.

    Close your bathroom door and continue pleasuring yourself to the life sized poster of your future failed savior. Leave the rest of us alone. We ain't scared and we really don't care.

    Nebraska is and will continue to be our beeyatches.
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  6. AreWeThereYet

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    I think this is called the win everything by losing everything strategy. The misguided notion that by doing a complete flush on the entire program the team will be propelled into the top ten.
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  7. HawkInATX

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    Doesn't it work in the movies? We just need a Rudy.
  8. Hawk10k

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    It's a mistake to believe that firing everyone will automatically make things better in the long run. You blowhards make it sound like every season is a dumpster fire when in reality we've only had one truly bad season since 2000. Things could be MUCH worse than they are.
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  9. Stanzi

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    Rob or Jon, please ban this troll.
  10. Fryowa

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    He'd stop if no one would feed the troll.
  11. Fryowa

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    If you want them to see your post put a "@" right before their username.

    Like this: @Stanzi
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    It doesn't stop you :cool:
  13. EstronHawkKing

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    How does this 'fake" Iowa fan not get banned is beyond me?
  14. homes

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    Please don't. Watching this guy post makes it easier to understand why Nebraska has burned through 4 coaches in 15 years. I wouldn't worry too much, with that type of track record of commitment, this guy will be leaving soon.
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  15. Adam

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    Frost may very well be a good coach. However good coaches fail all over the place. He will obviously have to prove his merit. No considerations will be given until the hype train actually makes it to the station.

    I don't believe the man has the tools in place to accomplish anything immediately. I would say at best he has a 3 year Rrebuild ahead of him. If Nebraska doesn't substantially improve over those 3 seasons Frost likely won't see the foundation ever cure.

    It is very difficult to bring speed ball to the physical B1G. He better secure 1 hell of a strength and conditioning coach. I would dare say he needs 2 or 3. Guys that have expertise in how to best build the body types of different position groups. Because the OL he had at Florida tech state central international university will not hold up in the B1G.
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  16. hawkdrummer1

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    you lost me at "triggered".
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  17. WinOneThisCentury

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    Here is the worst insult I can throw at Nebraska. Honestly, I'm more worried about Iowa State.

    Secondly, if you want to fix that Black Shirts problem...maybe Frost isn't your guy. He built a reputation outscoring teams. Defense was an after thought. Championships in the B10 are won with defense.

    I can just hear Nebraska fan now, "when we get our superhero recruits with their amazing powers, we will annihilate the entire B10...ooowhaaaahhh....ooowhaaahhh. (sinister Nebraska laugh that may actually sound like a sheep being raped)"
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  18. judzeehawk

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    I tip my cap to you sir. That's the best insult I've seen thrown the fuskers way.
  19. Fryowa

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    You’d be devastated if I left. Admit it.
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  20. MoseSchrute

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    Because unlike the Nebraska boards, this one is not run by snowflake pussies.
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