How would I feel if Fran left?

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by longtimer, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. BigD

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    Bingo, but that’s against Iowa’s religion.
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  2. atomicblue224

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    Becky Hammond
  3. eledmonster

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    REDACTED was supposedly going to take us to the next level from Dr. Tom. All he really succeeded at was rampant douchebaggery. Then we got Lick. Fran was brought in to put out a dumpster fire and although he ids far from perfect, he has basically done that. I wouldn't be opposed to a change but it has to be the right couch. Buyer beware. Particularly if Bartbag is in on the decision making process..
  4. Robowe

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    I can't decide ... is Tony Bennett the bad coach who was the first to coach a #1 seed to lose to a #16 seed, or the one who coached this year and watched his #1 seed trail a #16 seed by 14 in the 1st round, and barely scrape by Purdue (tip out, great pass for tying score), Auburn (late, correct foul call), and Texas Tech (late 3 with 12 seconds to go to send to OT). Good, experienced players matter too. :)
  5. Ian Pike Hammer

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    Open your eyes Iowa Hawkeye fans!
    We need a CELEBRITY, who can recruit a roster full of 5***** ATHLETES. Secondarily, it wouldn't hurt if he could coach a little bit.
    Div. 1 Ncaa basketball is all about recruiting, not coaching.
    We need a celebrity like Michael Jordan [yes, I know, he would never take the job], Charles Barkley, Walton from UCLA type, etc...
    Get a bench full of GREAT point guards, rim protectors, co-ordinated athletes with quickness and speed, and three- point shooters.
    Impossible to do? Look at the rosters of Duke, N.Car., Kentucky, Louisville, etc... Yes, they got bounced out of the tourney, but they all had records of near 30 wins, under 6 or 7 losses, and win their conference regular season and post-season tourneys. Year in and year out, they are in the top 10 nationally.

    Can a team do this, rise up from mediocrity to national prominence?
    YOU BET! Gonzaga was a nobody from a fairly weak conference on the West Coast until they started recruiting and signing game changers as players. Now, they are a national power and remain so.
    Why? Players WANT to go to Gonzaga.
    Winning begets winning.
    Recruit, no, strike that, SIGN athletes that can win in the powerful B1G conference on a consistent basis for say, 3 or 4 years, finish in the top 1 or 2, get into the B1G post conference tourney finals a couple of times, get to the Sweet 16 or Elite 8 and real basketball players will flock here. Until then, who wants to play at Iowa? Who wants Fran as your head coach when you could have Michael Jordan? [Again, he'd never come, but if you were an 18-year-old high school stud, which coach would you want to play for?]

    Look at Belien at Michigaan. He is a celebrity nation-wide [and also a damn good coach!] A hire like him would be the best of both worlds.

    I would be remiss if I didn't say that our recruiting and signing has been and is now on the uptick, thanks for in-state talent and Tyler Cook, but, IMHO, is not sustainable with this coach. Let's hope I'm wrong. Like you, I'd love to see Iowa rise to the top, but I just don't see it with Fran as our coach.

    I will also note, we got national exposure this year, for both good and ill, so we are on the radar, especially winning a game in the B1G tourney, one in March and nearly completing a 25 point comeback vs Tenn. NEXT year will define Iowa basketball for the next decade. If we can capitalize on the talent we have, build on it and KEEP WINNING at a high level, it will help our recruiting for the next several years. If 2019-2020 is ho-hum or average, expect the same until we hire a coach who can recruit and sign top 10 talent.

    Familiarity breeds contentment. Are we content with where the Iowa bball program is right now?
  6. tksirius

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    If only Fran could have an experienced team. Just imagine what he could do.
  7. Robowe

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    I think we just saw it this year. :) Or, maybe next year. Or ...
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  8. Ian Pike Hammer

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    We ARE experienced: at not blocking out, not stopping dribble penetration, not playing defense for a full 30 seconds, not etc... I'm so dissappoinged in you tk!
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  9. tweeterhawk

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    Find me the next Mark Few.
  10. sioux34

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    Here is the thing, there are a lot more Steve Alfords and Todd Lickliters than there are Mark Fews. Look at the history of picking mens basketball coaches in the last 20 years. Why will it be better this time?
  11. Cableman

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    I think that you're correct but if the powers to be decide that Fran has reached his limits and that's it's time for a change then you don't worry about how things could be worse or about losing a recruit. You do your background checks, talk to people you trust and you make the best hire you can.
  12. SteveGarvey1

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    Those kind of guys are Few and far between I'm afraid.
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    Go to your room!
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