Howe: A Closer Look at The '20 Iowa Football Recruiting Class

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    Noting the newest group of Hawkeyes:

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    See, this is bad. Nebraska moved up to 17th ahead of us. Now the delusional fan base will think this annulls the last five years of wins. This translates to "we are back" to them.

    "Scott Frost is gonna kill you guys." The B10 network will also genuflect leading up to the 2020 season...and it all starts again.

    Let's face it, even I expected Frost to have some success at Nebraska...but the two losing seasons after all the hype was something I'll cherish until the fall at least. If we have a QB, with Jackson coming back...the OL should be much better overall. We have weapons on the outside and at RB now. I don't see Nebraska winning in Kinnick...maybe they can stop 7 in a row...but stopping six isn't in the cards for them.
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    It seemed like Nebraska fans could make this argument every year, so I went back and looked - recruiting rankings versus games won - Nebraska, Wisconsin and Iowa. I didn't track season records until 2015 to give the 13 and 14 classes time to fill in on the rosters.

    2013 Recruiting Ranking
    Nebraska No. 17
    Wisconsin No. 57
    Iowa No. 53

    N No. 32
    W No. 33
    I No. 59

    N No. 31 Record 6-7
    W No. 37 Record 10-3
    I No. 58 Record 12-2

    N No. 24 Record 9-4
    W No. 35 Record 11-3
    I No. 42 Record 8-5

    N No. 20 Record 4-8
    W No. 35 Record 13-1
    I No. 40 Record 8-5

    N No. 21 Record 4-8
    W No. 40 Record 8-5
    I No. 40 Record 9-4

    N No. 15 Record 6-7
    W No. 27 Record 10-3
    I No. 41 Record 9-3

    N No. 18
    W No. 32
    I No. 29

    So, Nebraska can go on all day about needing better players, getting better players; it's just a lame excuse.
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