Howe: Cy-Hawk Game A Treasure for Our State

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Sep 12, 2019.

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    Stop looking for something better. Embrace what you have:

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    While I agree, reluctantly. I do agree. But this game should not keep us from scheduling a Notre Dame or USC or whomever. ANd I think it does. In this era of Iowa football, this is the marquee preseason match up. Which it should not be. Or at least it should be in par as the marquee. game.

    And in the last 30 years (50?) its a lose-lose for Iowa. This season is the exception. Keep the game? Sure. But dont let it limit us to schedule 2 other crap games. While Wiscy is playing Alabama, we ae playing ISU. Which is more prestigious?

    Fun game, sure. Rivalry, yep. But do we need to play ISU to win those elusive Iowa HS players?
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    The problem is that ISU is capable of spending decades at the bottom of the power five. They’re good now. When they were bad this was a trap game for the Hawks. They will be bad again when Campbell moves on.

    I enjoy the game but it’s not good for the Iowa program.
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    Fatigue, that is the word that describes my feelings with the series. I was 30 when the series resumed so I have had 41 years of having to watch this game. I'm sure for some it never gets old, but for me it has become like stale bread. Rotating with some other P5 opponents would do both programs good. I'm sure many ISU fans would like a chance to play Missouri and Nebraska again.
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    Still a lose/lose game.

    Win and it’s no big deal because until ISU puts several good seasons together they will always be little brother.

    Lose and it’s a terrible loss because until ISU puts several good seasons together they will always be little brother.

    Whether one thinks the clowns are a legit opponent or not, it doesn’t change the perception of this game. Iowa it’s always expected to win because we have more money and resources put into football, better recruiting classes, and a more rich history.
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    Rob, are you really saying that a top 25 team, or at least a close to top 25 team, every year can't get a neutral site game with VA tech, Oregon, Texas, or Stanford? Minnesota, Nothwestern, Maryland have bigger national brands? Missouri has a bigger national brand? Those teams have pulled big contests in the early season. Or ate you arguing that Iowa is too large a risk of a loss while Wisconsin is not?

    Everyone knows Hawks travel. That's one reason they get good bowls. Schools don't want to lose the revenue for a home and home or a neutral site game. Schools like Alabama and Clemson don't have to play anyone to keep their prestige, so there's no reason to lose the revenue. What's killing the Iowa opportunity is nine B1G games plus a required CY-Hawk game, plus a generally low scoring offensive philosophy leading to lackluster gains in early season and preseason polls year after year.

    The reality is that the state isn't big enough for two P5 football teams, especially now that HS football participation is declining. College football parity will reach 1970s levels within the next 15 years as players become harder to come by. The product will eat itself until it's extinct, which in turn will kill off the NFL and many other scholarship sports.

    Iowa State is not a good program. They have a good team this year. Do we want to risk what little time we're have left on a program that can't help us except for once out of every 15 years? Iowa has won this game in a blowout and dropped in the rankings.

    The game is called El Assico nationally. It's the The Room of college football. In state, it causes tension that is unnecessary and as Iowa State improves is getting uglier. I don't want to stop playing it, but It'd be nice to drop one B1g game and pick up a different regional matchup.
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    This is perfectly demonstrated on the Monday after the game. Where I work, it's about 50/50 Hawk/Clone fans. When Iowa wins, no one says a word about it on Monday, no Hawkeye shirts, just move on and be done. It's been awhile since they Super Sized us so I don't remember how the fans I work with react, but I'm sure we'll hear about it for the rest of the season and beyond.
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    I didn't know you were a Pants Party type of guy, Rob.
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  11. PlatypusMessiah

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    I remember getting some beat downs by the U back in the day. So even though Alabama may not want to play us (I guess because Iowa is a downgrade to Duke or Louisville?), it doesn’t mean other teams wouldn’t like to take their chances . The Pitt series we had was sure a lot of hard hitting fun.

    But if you want to know the program that needs exposure is Iowa St. The Clones barely ever escape the Big 12 footprint. Games against Nebraska, Minnesota, and Missouri should be easy schedules. A lot of SEC teams have shown interests in Big 12 teams and if ISU had availability, they could have opportunities there as well.

    I don’t think Iowa St. should be dropped completely, I just think both programs would benefit from some exposure. Make the series 2 out of 6 years and the hype will be off the charts when they meet and you’d allow both programs the opportunity to get more exposure.
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    You are right in that Iowa will never get a home/away with the likes of Alabama or Clemson, I'm not sure about Notre Dame though. But I'd settle for a 2nd tier SEC school such as Ole Miss or Tennessee, a Big 12 school minus ISU or Kansas. A Kansas State game might work, they've scheduled games before with P5 schools without a home game. But I worry Kansas State might slip back to the back of the conference now that Bill Snyder has finally retired.

    The reason why I don't like playing Iowa State is because when Iowa wins it doesn't feel like they accomplished anything. I feel bad bashing Clown fans because Iowa really is "big brother", but when Iowa loses we never hear the end of it.
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    I'm having lunch today with my cy-clone friend. Will be looking forward to what they have to say. He is a pretty level headed person when it comes to isu football and college football in general.
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    Bingo. That is how I feel also. Boring looking forward to the same old same old of ISU Dee Coord throwing the kitchen sink at Iowa and KF not responding by trying to go deep and burn them or trick them. The game in 2014 was the perfect example of a poor ISU team walking into Kinnick and getting a win over a very non-aggressive Iowa team. Phil Parker even admitted it afterwards. And Iowa plays so vanilla in this game so many times it is boring. There have been a few exciting games but many are duds and then there are the games where Iowa just manhandles ISU like it was 1985 Fry teams,

    If Iowa were playing Missou, Kentucky, Virginia, Va TEch etc and rotating games against different coaching staffs there would be new blood and new excitement in this game slot in the schedule.

    I think we might see the Big 10 go to 10 conf games before they go back to 8 games and this would make the ISU game hard to have every year.
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    The admittance that Wisconsin has surpassed us as a national brand is
    • Disappointing
    • The very fuel that drives the Farentz haters ( which I'm obviously not)

    Another problem with scheduling power five home and homes is that they frequently need to get scheduled five to ten years in advance. This requires vision and foresight from the athletic directors, which has always been one of Barry's strengths

    We seem to be increasing our team speed and athleticism with the classes we continue to bring in. Wouldn't it be exciting to see how we match up with a power five in September, or play in a hallowed stadium? Maybe if football does what college basketball has done in November the last decade you would see more interest in these matchups, understanding that it is logistically more difficult to pull it off in football
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    The term "KF Hater" is a bit elusive. Pre 2015, there were some who cried loudly. Others who simply pointed out frustrations and weaknesses were deemed haters by some.

    So, if Iowa was still dancing around pre-2015 levels (2010-2014) would you be happy? Would you be content? Would you be a hater?

    I totally agree about the team speed thing. It began subtly to where now Iowa has 80 percent of a very good team that could contend nationally. Punting has been resolved. QB, Safety,and RBs are what would hold the Hawks back.
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  17. eledmonster

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    Nice piece Rob! And I agree. There is no bigger Hawkeye homer that me. Started going to games in the mid 70's and was at the 1977 "Beat Iowa" game.
    And yet, about 8 years ago I went and married a Cyclone so we have this in the house.
    Every other Saturday of the football season, my wife watches and loudly cheers for the Hawks, Saturday will be different, uncomfortable. But the game is a must and I won't miss it, even though home will be a bit uneasy for a day.
    Go Hawks!
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    There are posters here who are DONE with Kirk. Who piss all over 2015 like it was a mirage.. Who couldn't even bring themselves to enjoy the Mississippi State win because they simply want change. Who claim he is happy to get his seven wins (actually well over eight) and collect his buck. These posters consider any further support of Kirk and Iowa football as "drinking the Kool-Aid." I can point several out by name if you want me to.
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    My wife went to Nebraska. :eek:

    I understand the reasoning for not wanting this game on the schedule. I just strongly disagree with it.

    Playing Virginia Tech or Ole Miss or Tennessee or TCU would fine if it were in addition to ISU but not as a replacement. I don't think any of those games create as much interest in this state as the Cy-Hawk.

    This will be my 11th trip covering the game in Ames and my 21st in a row overall. I look forward to it. I know I wouldn't have the same feeling if it were Iowa against Washington State or Kansas State. Not even close.

    But that's just how I see it.
  20. WinOneThisCentury

    WinOneThisCentury Well-Known Member's a different series now...but it's only really been two years of games where it could be considered that Iowa State was fielding a team truly capable of beating Iowa. This makes for a different dynamic. As Campbell continues to make some waves in the B12...the perception of his team will continue to change. Now you have a true rivalry.

    A loss to Iowa State now, isn't as damning as it was in the "Paw" era...where Iowa State would go on to win 2 or 3 other games. Those losses were what created this attitude of dumping the series. It was a lose, lose for Iowa. Win, well, it as expected against a lousy opponent...and lose, and you never really remove the stench from stepping in that shit...for the entire season. KF's teams just always played tight in those games...and the early nature of the game schedule...had Iowa focused on running the ball, etc...and it naturally kept games close.

    The game is now different and it's because of the change in attitude and respect for where ISU is as a program. They have been one of the top teams in their conference now for two years. A loss here for Iowa...and it's not as damning.

    The reality is that this is a great measuring stick game for Iowa. It will show how capable the team is for having a great season, but will also reveal areas of concern and what needs to improve. It will also give the Iowa players are great feel for playing in a hostile stadium...that's good for when we go to the Big House and Camp Randall. I think Iowa is now approaching this game with the respect it deserves and Iowa State deserves credit for that.
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