Howe: Hawkeyes' Signature Win Highlights What Might Have Been

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Nov 16, 2019.

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    Iowa moves on admirably in what could have been championship season:

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    Surprised no one has commented on your post. One of the biggest takeaways from this game was Toren young didn't see a snap. Mekhi Sargent only had six carries. I didn't hear what is Goodson's status after coming out of the game late with an apparent injury? I'm thinking the Hawkeyes better be looking for some running backs because I think we could have some RB's entering the transfer portal... I know it's just one game, but I think he's more Dynamic than Akrum Wadley... he uses the straight arm and can break a tackle. Just wait till Doyle has more time with him
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    Really a fine line! Sure I think we were capable of beating any one of the three we lost to but at the same time we were very fortunate to beat Iowa State and even though that wouldn't impact the Big Ten race it would have put more pressure on the team going forward. Clearly we could have been defeated yesterday. Minnesota is for real and has one of the best passing attacks I have seen in College football this year. We were a dropped pass away
    Like I said a fine line and at this point you have to be "at peace" with 7-4.
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    I was on board with RB by committee since each guy had shown flashes of good play and each had their own skillset, but I agree with many others that Goodson needs to be the bellcow from now until he leaves.

    He already had the speed and moves we needed, but he showed yesterday he's also got the vision that has seemed to escape all of our other backs in recent years.
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    What might have been indeed. The following quotes are maddening.

    “We knew we had to put points on the board. We were more aggressive than usual,” receiver Nico Ragaini said.

    Said fellow wideout Ihmir Smith-Marsette: “We knew we had to be aggressive. It was balls to the wall this game. You have to go and give it everything you’ve got. It’s a Top 10 team. Open up the playbook

    Ferentz also addressed Saturday’s approach.“We knew we were going to have to score points today

    How about playing aggressively EVERY GAME?!! for cryin' out loud. How many times do we have to see the difference on the field, only to watch things regress back to Ferentz-ball the following week.
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    Circumstances change and opponents offer different challenges. I maintain that the Hawkeyes approached Northwestern with a conservative game plan that made sense.

    Iowa attacked and was the aggressor on both sides of the ball yesterday, the opposite of what we saw from it against Michigan, Penn State and Wisconsin, the latter waiting until it fell far behind.
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    Maybe I'm missing something, but what happened to Young, Rob?
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    Perfectly sums up the frustration I've had for most of the last 15 years (yes, even '15). It's a pervasive culture of only playing a more diverse, open, attacking offense once there's nothing left to play for (except bonuses and a decent, tho, run of the mill bowl game).

    THIS is all we've ever wanted to see (and constantly complain about lacking) - a strategy that uses space, a more aggressive game plan that attacks opponents and playing the most talented / athletic personnel that give the best opportunities to execute and score. That's what it takes to win games in this era of football. Instead, it's manage (in the Ferentz regime's case, stifle) the offense and rely on the tired cliche "defense wins" while they (and we fans) suffer winnable losses and missed opportunities, year after year after year.

    Would the Hawks have won them all? Of course not. Never has been and never will be my expectation. However, I absolutely believe they would've won most of them.

    That's the torment, here ... KNOWING you have the talent and skill to be better / produce more success but continuing to under perform relative to capability because of adherence to inherently limited dogmas.
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    Did not play, coach's decision. As far as I know, he was healthy.
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    Ok thanks.
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    TGoodson stood and watched all year. Ridiculous. I was pissed when Sargent came in down by the goal line at the end of the half. Do you trust Goodson or not, he picks up that first down by a good margin and Minnesota doesn’t even get the ball back at the end of the half. Maddening
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    Great kid. Great teammate. I wonder if he looks for the full-time gig this offseason.
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    They flashed a stat on the screen yesterday. I don't recall the exact numbers, it was something like 25-28, but the premise is still accurate.

    IOWA under KFz is under .500 in games decided by less than 8 points. Kind of blows the "keep every game close" strategy out of the water.
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    I guess it wouldn't shock anyone. I felt that last few games he was really running well, I mean hard, like he had a purpose. He us a great kid, as all of them are
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    I was thinking the same about IKM. Too many guys at one position with an underclassman that appears to be the most talented of the group.
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    Don't we have a similar article every year?

    I think most agree that KF is a decent coach but except for 2015, the last 12 seasons have been marred by a record below what the roster seemed to be.
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    Isn't the object of the game on offense every game to score as many points as possible? Why should that change from game to game? In what circumstance should an offense not come out and be aggressive? Minnesota has an awful defense, but after the first half it was back to the same ole same ole from Brian. Totally went away from Goodson, when he was averaging 8 yards per carry. Part of the reason the offense looked so good yesterday is because they actually put the most talented player we have on the field. Tyler Goodson.
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    The Ferentz brain trust finally figured out after 9 games that Tyler Goodson is by far our best back. Then decided to go away from using him the second half after he averaged 8 yards per carry.
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    Young is averaging 5.8 yards per carry and did not get a rep yesterday.
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