Howe: Iowa Football '20 Position-By-Position Outlook 1.0

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Dec 4, 2019.

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    An early look at next season's Hawkeyes:

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    That's a lot of guys who might leave early. Geesh.
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    Outside of Wirfs and AJE, they’d be foolish to.
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    With the number of guys who came out early last year relative to the number of them who were drafted and made a team, you're correct. From what I've read about Kirk, he gives them a pretty honest evaluation and I think he has a lot credibility with them. I don't know the numbers, but my sense is that those Hawkeyes who have come out early have found their place on a roster. Maybe not as much at other schools.
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    They need to listen to KF. He is an NFL guru. If he says “go” and the kid says I want to come back and get another year with my brothers, KF will love it. This is a family created by Kirk, his staff, the players, and the fans. If they go KF will do everything he can to help them. And, Doyle will be there down the road to train them for the NFL. Win, win.
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    @ClintonIAfan logged into your account somehow. Better change your password.

    Good lord. I don’t think I’ve ever heard one grown man drool over another grown man like that in my life. How sad does your social life have to be to get to that point, bub

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    Good article. The big concern is the offensive line. Again! Losing most of the starting line from this year. Defensive end production could be down.

    I can see some of the defensive backs staying. But AJ, that's just too much money. He would benefit from another year but an injury and it all goes away. Same with Jackson and Wirfs. Losing two stellar linemen. is going to hurt.

    If these guys stayed Iowa could challenge for the West next year, without them, I think it's another 3 or 4th place finish.
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    Players drafted in the fourth round receive an $800K signing bonus.

    Hooker and A Nelson left early and were chosen in that round. They both have played this season as rookies and are working towards the more lucrative second contract while getting paid.

    Could they have moved up in the draft had they stayed another year, but that's also another year of wear and tear on bodies without limited amounts of mileage on them in this sport?

    These are individual decisions made by players and their families. They don't owe the Iowa program anything.
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    The should they stay or go debate again? It's football. No sport has less of a guaranteed future then that. If you are holding that lottery ticket and want to cash it in you do it on your terms and nobody elses. Is there a strategic angle to it if your a mid round guy? Yeah maybe. But again the miles on your legs and hits to your head and body add up. The only way to get to your second and 3rd contract in the league is to get started. So I can't see how anyone can begrudge someone from doing that when it's their dream and their life.
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    Not talking about Clemson, Bama, Ohio State, etc....but are other programs on Iowa’s level being gutted by early entry’s like this?
  11. Xerxes

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    No. Not even close.

    In the last 2 seasons Iowa has lost 6 guys early. The other 6 teams in the B1G West combined have lost 4 guys early. Wisconsin lost 2, Nebraska & Purdue has each lost 1.

    The only teams that lost more guys than Iowa last year were Oklahoma (6), Alabama/Florida/Ohio St (5). Georgia, Michigan, Penn St, & Texas A&M each lost the same amount of players as Iowa.
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  13. Zstatman

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    I believe the Iowa football program is the healthiest it's ever been. When you read what players are waiting in the wings to replace any position, you feel good about it. I've always said experience at the quarterback position is the most important aspect of college football so replacing Stanley, IMO, will be the real key for next year.

    Still, when you think about all the potential losses it gets worrisome.

    For one thing, I can't believe we might have to replace the entire starting defensive line, for the second straight year! But there are good players just waiting and working for their shot.
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  14. NCHawker

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    Maybe the OLine will be just fine?

    Starting center Tyler Linderbaum enjoyed a solid freshman season and should be even better next year. Guards Kyler Schott and Cole Banwart have starting experience. Mark Kallenberger has played tackle and guard, and he figures into the mix with or without Wirfs and/or Jackson.

    I'm wondering if part of the running game struggle is just the lack of experience by Linderbaum...If I'm not mistaken they help with analysis of the defense pre-snap and that leadership helps a lot.
  15. Stanzi

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    It kind of makes the people whining about our recruiting ranking seem a bit foolish.
  16. eveningnewsteam

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    Those guys will be fine. What concerns me is the depth after them. Who’s next?
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    Isn’t Logan Jones going to play DT? That was the impression I was under anyway. As an aside believe that Logan Lee will start at DT next year. Him and Nixon could be an awesome pairing in the inside.

    It would be nice if Alaric stayed for one more year. Then Kallenberger could take over RT. I really don’t think Plumb can do it at his size. I wonder if Barnwart could slide out there or if Ezra Miller will be ready. From what I’ve gathered, and what we saw this year, I don’t think it would be shocking to see Elsbury start at guard next year.

    I think Belton goes to full time safety next year regardless. Koerner had a nice year but isn’t promised anything. Would stink to lose Geno. The speed that Belton possesses is such a huge weapon in terms of range back there and plus he would make more of an impact being on the field every play as opposed to only when we employ a cash. DJ, Merriweather, or someone else can step up at the cash. The “cash” as I suspected before the year isn’t as exotic or for that matter important as it was hyped to be. Belton did a nice job with it and we need to use it for spread teams for sure, but it was in essence a nickel corner position. Belton wasn’t blowing up plays in the backfield or getting sacks. Again he did very well under the circumstances, Hooker was just a flat out stud. I’m all for having more speed on the field, but again the “cash” is basically a nickel corner who occasionally blitzes.
  18. NorthKCHawk

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    I am going to take the optimistic, but slightly realistic view. It is foolish to believe that no one jumps early out of that group. But, I am hoping that it is only Jackson. He has been on campus for 4 years and I suspect his draft stock is probably not going to get much better. I think him jumping makes some sense. If so, we have a replacement ready for him in Kallenberg.

    Wirfs and AJ can both jump now and probably go in the middle of the 1st round. But, both have only been on campus 3 years, and maybe they are persuaded by love of team, a degree, unfinished business at this level, and the notion that if they come back they could both be Top 5 picks in the next draft. Maybe wishful thinking.....

    If those guys stick, I see guys like Stone sticking too. If so, this team will be salty as hell next year.
  19. RobHowe

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    How much would you like to wager on the starting free safety next year? I've got Koerner. I'll give you the field. ;)

    I think Jones will end up DT.

    What I wrote was:

    "Incoming freshmen Deontae Craig, Lukas Van Ness, Yahya Black, Logan Jones, Isaiah Bruce and Michael Lois all are viewed as potential help on the outside."

    We need to wait until they get on campus.

    Lattimore and Reiff came in as DEs.
  20. hawkdrummer1

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    Fair points, but that last statement seems a bit strong. Would you say that the opposite is true, too? IOWA owes them nothing?