Howe: Making Sense of Iowa Upsetting Michigan

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Nov 13, 2016.

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    Something is off about that trivia question the players were talking about.

    Maybe the question was when was the last time Iowa beat a top 3 Mich team.

    Otherwise if the question is when was the last time Iowa beat a top 3 team, the answer is Penn St in 2008
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    Call me a party pooper I guess.

    Making sense of it.

    1. Michigan had a homer schedule this year. This was their first real road test. They ain't that good.
    2. It is ironic that Iowa's QB who now is playing terribly (for some reason) beat out the guy who beat out M's QB. M's QB was terribly slow and deliberate. A number of his 104 yards (M's QB) were on terrible passes.
    3. Iowa had terrible pass coverage all night long and M's QB couldn't capitalize on it. Part of the reason for the poor coverage was staking the box. Why did Michigan only run the ball 35 times? When they gave the ball to the RB deep, they did OK and never stayed at it.
    4. Why on earth did M allow Wadley to go unchecked late in the game for a pass reception? Is Harbaugh that stupid?
    5. I think M had 10 men on the field during the field goal after a time out.
    6. Michigan as seen last night has no chance to beat OSU or Washington in the Rose.
    7. Due to M's lack of passing game, the Iowa defensive interior looked fast like last year.
    8. Wadley is great and very hard to hit. Still M's stellar defense showed tentativeness or a lack of speed and they haven't yet arrived into a top level team. A top D in the nation doesn't miss that many times no matter how shifty Wadley is.
    9. Why doesn't Wadley get more carries per game.
    10.. Iowa's offense didn't score 14.

    Bonus: Why doesn't KF not allow us to outright dislike him?

    Bonus Bonus: As I said in predictions.... KF never ceases to amaze me in so many different ways.

    Did anyone ever think the Iowa punter would do a somersault in Iowa territory with the ball and Iowa would win? With Iowa moving the ball on the ground late, did you expect Iowa to through deep and turn the ball over?

    One needs to apply illogical analysis to KF.

    End of rant.

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    Iowa didn't have terrible pass coverage all night. Darboh got open a few times but that is going to happen against most defensive backfields.
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    It doesn't make sense, but that is what makes college football so awesome and frustrating at the same time.
  6. RobHowe

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    Michigan didn't play well and we had a whole lot to do with that. We played faster than a team that's more athletic than us.

    And Kirk gets a reprieve until he loses another game. The critics will be calling for his head and the media to ask for it on a platter. That's the landscape. We all know it.
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    This post is a classic example of someone basing a decision of how good a team is solely on the one game against Iowa. Michigan has been destroying teams all year yet suddenly they aren't that good because they had one bad game?

    Iowa beat a great team last night. It's as simple as that. It doesn't happen often so I hate when people belittle the win because of their ridiculous assumption that the opponent must not be good because they didn't play good in that one particular game.
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    The question was AP top 2 team. Penn State was AP 3rd.
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    No, the QB for Michigan is the same in each game. His release is slow and deliberate. Their 1st 5 games were at home, including PSU and Wisky. Colorado had a QB injury. They've played Rutgers and MSU on the road and Rutgers after losing their best player. MSU has little this year. They play at Indiana next week. That will tell a lot.

    They did beat PSU badly at home. Hawaii and contest at the big house. Everyone is pummeling Maryland as of late.

    The defense rests. Don't read too much into things yesterday. Iowa has major pieces bad from a solid team last year. Michigan has a very weak passing game and they played into Iowa's hands.
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    Michigan destroys Penn State. Penn State destroys Iowa. Iowa beats Michigan. That is why they play the games.
  11. HawkGold

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    No, Iowa had terrible coverage and a decent QB would have torched them. Mostly it was one side and aided by stacking the box. There is a reason why NDSU and NW scored more points than M. They had better QBs. Good grief the guy didn't beat out Ruddock who lost the job to a guy who is having a terrible year.
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    Back to the original article, how I made sense of the upset

    • Iowa played with passion and intensity (I recall at least 3 times that announcers/commentators remarked that nobody on the team seemed "fired up") in previous games
    • Manny Rugamba made some really key plays. Not wishing any ill on Mabin but Manny does a LOT better job locating the football.
  13. PCHawk

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    Rudock lost his job to a qb who was really good. How far he regressed this year is irrelevant.

    Also Michigan has had the same qb all year. Your argument would make sense if we played their backup against us.
  14. HawkGold

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    Don't agree. He was lost a lot. He got away with a lot of mistakes. The INT was a gift. He got turned around again and again. Part was due to stacking up close though.
  15. HawkGold

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    It does make sense to me. I do disagree with you. Again, it was his first real road game in a tough place. We'll know more next week with M v IND and then OSU.
  16. PCHawk

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    You're saying MSU isn't a road game because it's in the same state? I sure see ISU as a road game.
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    This wonderful win over #2 Michigan reminded me of the Hawk victory over LSU in the 2005 Capital One Bowl. LSU was not prepared for the intensity of the Hawkeye smashmouth style of play. Add Michigan to the list. Early in the first quarter I could see resignation in the Wolverine eyes. They were simply not ready for the Hawks. Similar to the way the Hawks were not ready for the Bison and Penn State. Michigan apparently thought they could just ride into Dodge, trample the Hawks and go home with another easy victory.

    Not going to happen at Kinnick last night.They knew they were beaten almost the entire game.

    One thing I noticed was the expert tackling by the Hawks. Very few, if any, missed tackles. We were diving and taking Michigan down by the ankles. I have wondered over and over why we do not use this tactic. Worked very well last night.

    Hawk D was outstanding, especially considering how potent the Wolverine offense has been thijs season. Well, as an example, Michigan had 10 points at the 9 minute mark of the second quarter. They only scored 3 more points the rest of the game in the fourth quarter at the 5:40 mark. The final 39 minutes of the game Michigan only scored 3 points. That is Domination.

    Wadley is remarkable. His lateral movement is a thing of beauty to watch. His moves are almost effortless. Hard to even lay a hand on him when he is in motion. Without Akrum, we would not have won last night. He was almost unstoppable at times.

    I wonder if CJ is not nursing an injury. He was really slow getting up at times. He does receive a ton of negative comments, but they are not deserved, in my opinion. One can only take being pounded to the turf over and over, while having numerous passes dropped. His completion stats should be far better. He is not as mobile, as last season, out of necessity, I believe. Part of it is, perhaps, due to coaching decision, not wanting him to take season-ending risks. But It seems to me that he is not operating at full strength.

    It was joyful to watch Michigan limping and staggering down the tunnel after the game, heads hanging, total despair, realizing that their National Championshp hopes are Gone, Baby, Gone.
    While they were taking The Walk of Shame, the Hawks were celebrating onfield with thousands of jubiliant fans and The Captain bravely fighting back tears.....

    At the very end of the telecast there was a 360 panoramic view of the entire field filled with wildly celebrating Hawk fans, intermingling with the Team and coaching staff.

    Overall, one of the very best nights in Hawkeye History. Nobody gave the Hawks a chance. NOBODY. They showed just how capable they can be riding on all cylinders. Somewhat late in the season but it could not have manifested itself at a better time. Finish the season playing with this level of intensity and teamwork and we will win the final two games and reap the rewards of a decent bowl game.

    Once again, merely idle speculation from an unrepentant homer.....

    Now, on to Savannah State at Carver.....
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  18. HawkGold

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    No, I'm saying MSU isn't very good. They lost to Illinois. They've beaten Furman, ND and Rutgers. ND is marginally decent.
  19. Stanzi

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    It was a great win for the Hawkeyes. Only a fool would come here and be negative. Michigan is exponentially more talented than Iowa. The spread was 24 points for a reason. Michigan has destroyed teams all year. Teams that are better and worse than us. Iowa just flat out looked way more energetic than they have all season. We saw a lot more aggressive scheming on defense and it paid dividends.
  20. Stanzi

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    No one is claiming that MSU is good.