Howe: New Iowa Football Report Nothing to Celebrate

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Jul 30, 2020.

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    Latest document points to same troubling treatment of former student-athletes by coaching staff stated in Diversity Task Force report and in former player public outcry last month:

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    I did not see media accounts or anything in the report that was such a smoking gun that any other coach beyond Doyle was beyond redemption. KF has earned the right to a second chance to make meaningful cultural changes in his program and judge the coaches that must implement those changes with him. I do not for a second believe that KF is a racist or a bad person. He is just old. Many of his coaches are old. And things that were acceptable 20 years ago are no longer acceptable now. He has already started material changes to the program. I truly believe he will grow and adapt to a fast moving cultural shift and all of Iowa athletics, and other programs, will benefit from this wake up call. Change is happening for the better, and in the end, that is what is most important -- the future.
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    Man...Media slant to that headline. If you don't feel the administration and the football staff are sincere in their efforts to address the problem...then that headline makes sense. If you do feel they are sincere and are taking the steps to improve the culture, then there is something to celebrate. Does anyone wish this would have we can either tear things down or build and make things better.

    It may not be as good a story for a journalist Rob, but measuring the success of the changes and staying in contact with players and the former players driving the changes...may make for a good ongoing podcast.

    Listen...would I like my career opened up, analyzed, criticized, and nationally humiliated. If I ever do, I hope I handle it like KF has done. Maybe there are tantrums behind the scenes...or something...Rob, maybe you know...but from the public perception...he's owned it.
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    Rob, you are nothing to celebrate.
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    It's didn't make anything worse then it was either. Nothing new came of it. For some that in and of itself is celebratory. Having a resolution to it and knowing going forward if any other staff changes are happening (whether you agree with it or not) is a good thing.

    Sure the fact this needed to be done at all isn't a good thing. But all they can do is move forward right? So with this in the rear view now it's time to move ahead. BF, Wallace and everyone else isn't changing so should we sit around and cry about it? Demand more be done? Are any players doing that (besides Wadley and his representation?) The Kallenberger issue should be addressed as well it's not racial obviously but a serious issue all the same that shouldn't be ignored. I'd be fine with Wallace taking a hike over it. I wish he would actually. Am I going to boycott Iowa games if he isn't fired over it though? No I won't so it is what it is. So moving on
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    Maybe Rob feels there is nothing to celebrate because this particular cottage industry is about to fade away
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    No victory lap when the program has been embarrassed like its been recently. Yesterday was not a vindication of KF or anyone else. Just tune into ESPN or FS1 and their bottom line has the negative lowlights of the report. Thats is what is getting the national play right now.

    Some people will continue to see this as a culture clash. Others will see it as racial bias and inequity. Some will see it as flat out systematic racist behavior. Its a microcosm of what is going on across the county in every facet of life.

    Hopefully black players feel better about how they're being treated going forward. Hopefully the program can recover and continue to recruit like it has recently. Personally I have huge doubts regarding both.
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    Key words being "right now". It's not going to have a long shelf life.
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    So not trying to play devils advocate, but should we be celebrating a report that indicates there is a definitive problem that KF and the program have been addressing and will continue to make strides in? While it doesn't appear to be as damning as some had anticipated, and may eventually be spun into a positive, at this time I wholeheartedly agree that "the new Iowa football report is nothing to celebrate".
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    I hope not, but I fear that you are right. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Reddit are just pure shit and I love HN as an aggregator of Hawk news. I still subscribe to a print newspaper (WSJ) because I feel it is important to support good journalism on some level, but damned near the whole journalism industry has just devolved into Twitter shit. The ad market is going to go pure shit and if there's no season it's going to get really ugly in this niche industry. Rob will adapt, the guy wrote for the fishwrap when I lived in IC and he's been able to pivot his business model.
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    Agree. By the time games are being played other things with other schools will have came up and time marches on.
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    Any truth to the rumor that Trump is trying to name the Iowa Football complex after Robert E. Lee? Too soon?
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    We need a dislike option on these boards.
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    There was one under old management. You got like some sort of Chinese Communist Party "social credit score" based off of it. Needless to say, guys with scorching hot takes, like me, were downvoted to hell and we, well, I, bitched until it was removed. Once the Durty 30 was banned and I was riding solo in here, I would get like 50 downvotes from the lurkers who were too chickenshit to show themselves.
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    Yea, I'd disagree with that policy or option to dislike. There would be too much focus on grudges toward people and not directed at comments. Agree to disagree is a real option. :)
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    See how easy that is. Or, if you like it, you can do this:


    Or you can say "Chad" or "ostrich" or "Chadstrich" in response depending on the post.
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    Hot takes? hahah ;)
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    Thats right..i remember that
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    I remember everything got re-set at one time. Like how long you've been here, etc.
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    You mean like when KF said he was blindsided?

    That sai he has been good in public.