Howe: Ranking Excitement Level of 2020 Iowa Football Games

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    Rating interest level of contests on schedule from 12 to 1:

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    12) Northern Iowa
    It’s a division that’s a step down. Automatically goes to the back of the line.

    11) Northern Illinois
    It’s a step down non-conference game. If it weren’t for the game listed on previous line then that’s where it would be.

    10) Michigan State
    This is a bad team.
    Should be called Northern Michigan State.

    9) @Purdue
    Interested to see if Iowa’s defense can stop/slow down the playmakers or if those playmakers will even be healthy.
    Black and Gold rivalry, I guess.

    8) @Illinois
    Iowa gets a lot of recruits from this state and battle over the same recruits. Can’t let the orange chiefs off the ground. This was a 9 pt game last season against a very young team. Better strap it tight.

    7) Northwestern
    Same as above with a coach that has his system established and a QB with a pulse. Grudging respect to Fitzgerald and under-rated Ramsey.

    6) Nebraska
    I don’t judge Iowa based on Nebby’s program who falls to #6 on my list.

    5) @Minnesota
    Can’t wait to see how PJ Fleck will tip the canoe this season. I flipped this with Nebraska since they will fight for the division.

    4) Iowa State
    In state division rival.

    3) @Penn State
    Owns Iowa. Repeat.
    Owns Back in Black.
    Can’t wait to see if PSU has Joe Paterno’s statue guarded for this game.

    2) @Ohio State
    Best team in the Big10 cannot be lower than this spot.

    1) Wisconsin
    Rival in division with cleats on the throat.
    ‘Nuff said
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