Howe: Setting the Record Straight on Oliver Martin

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Jun 11, 2019.

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    Addressing the rumors and speculation regarding the newest Hawkeye:

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    Great take @RobHowe. Who cares what the reason is. It isn't for us to be concerned with. He felt he should come back home, and who are we to look down on him on that. He can help this team, be it this year or next year. All Hawkeye fans should be happy to have him in the fold.
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    I've always had this weird sense he was going to end up in a Hawkeye uniform in the end. Not sure why, I just did. I have no problem with a guy/girl wanting to go for the top bar in his/her eyes. I welcome him on the team. It is so petty to have an issue about a 18-20 year old players recruiting decisions.

    I've always stated that recruiting the local top rated players may be the most difficult. Most people want to go out and spread their wings away from home at that age. I think people assume a player would want to stay home or go to the local university, but, I actually think the opposite happens more. I think the recruiting of top local talent is more difficult, especially when blue bloods come knocking on doors. See Roy Williams.
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    Great piece Rob! Kudos. Context is always very useful and you have supplied much. Didn't take into account the changes in offensive coaching and that was a mistake on my part.
    I'm glad Oliver is aboard.
  5. DonGately

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    "No apologies necessary," except maybe from Drake Kulick.
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    Only in Hawkeyeland can you complain about our WRs for years, then get the transfer of a legitimate four star guy with a great work ethic, some experience in big time football, yet still find a way to complain about why he didn't sign with Iowa in the first place or that he's obviously is not that good.

    Our WR room just got better...whether he plays this year or not. Welcome back home Oliver. Here's hoping the NCAA buys your argument on a waiver for 2019.
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    Howe vs. Kulick, a battle of wills
    Different takes on Martin and Hawk transfer ills
    Is the kid a prima donna? Howe says no
    Blue collar working, while stealing the show
    A win-win for Hawk fans, a virtual no-fee?
    Martin's down-home as the scrapped Cy-Hawk trophy
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    Nice piece. Just out of curiosity, when was Allen Trieu a colleague of yours? I like that podcast. Listen to it almost every week. Has some Penn State and Ohio State bias, but I still like it.
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    A guy graduates from college and rather than taking the job near his home, he takes a job with one of best companies in the country that pays him a good salary and lays out a solid future for him. He's doing well there and by all accounts he is on the right track to success. Two years into that job, despite it being a really good job from all outward appearances he realizes this isn't what he wants, he decides to leave that employer and take that job that was closer to home that he sees as a better fit for himself and his future.

    Is that guy to be derided for his career choices?

    Also : I don't get the hostility from Kulick. That seems unprecedented, a former player calling out another player; at least for something like this, it's not as if Martin committed a felony or some other horrible act to warrant such harsh words.
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    Great read, Rob. One of your best actually.

    Does Kulick ever come to visit during practices?

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    I just read the story on what it took Ryan Boyle to graduate in 3 years. It ain't easy even if you are smart.

    I assume Martin did the math. Either stay another year in a place you don't want to be, take an intense workload of classes in an attempt to graduate in 3 years, all so you can split time with 5 other WR's in a new offense.

    Or transfer to the place you want to be now, sit out a year, take a more relaxed class schedule, and start learning the offense you will end up playing in 2020 and 2021.
  12. RobHowe

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    I worked with Allen at for about a decade. Still consider him a friend. He and Steve do a good job.

    Thanks for the kind words, you guys.
  13. westender

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    According to his twitter he is moving to Arizona or SW US today. So he won't be in the area.
  14. BrianFerentzForPresident

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    There’s far too much testosterone here for poetry.
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  15. tksirius

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    If OM is as hard working as we've been told, I imagine someone on the coaching staff (Doyle) will set Drake straight if he ever visits.
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    Well said Rob!! Welcome back to IC Ollie.
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    Rap is poetry. I'd say there's a bit of testosterone (and cultural depravity) in that.
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    Debatable, but I’m not interested in getting quite that far off topic ;)
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    As long as it doesn't get into 1-800-Filipino territory, I don't care.
  20. BrianFerentzForPresident

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    It can be quite easy to graduate in 3 years. I had a fairly easy time doing it with a computer science degree. I didn’t play football, but I did work forty hours a week. Just wanted to point out that it’s not particularly hard either if you’re focused and put in the work. Otherwise I agree with your analysis.