Howe: Setting the Record Straight on Oliver Martin

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Jun 11, 2019.

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    So you saved 1-2 years of room and board. That adds up. Nicely done.
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    Focus is the key. I got there in 4.5 years, worked 30 hours a week, smoked alot of weed, drank way too much and too often, chased women, caught women, dumped by women, and repeated the cycle. It just goes to show you it can be done if you have that focus. What were we talking about again? Oh in 4.5 years.
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    He has to sit a year, correct? They wont give him a waiver will they (NCAA)?

    If so, too bad for Stanley. Sounds like Martin is a guy who can run down his over throws.
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    He hasn't played a down for Iowa, and everyone starts throwing down unrealistic expectations.
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    To be fair I had a long term girlfriend, that certainly helped. Women are fucking expensive.
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    Over/under that he has 80+ receptions before his Iowa career is done? 80 is an arbitrary number..... I throw that number out there because I am not sure what to expect. The kid is a grinder(which I like)but I am going to hold off before I give him Tim Dwight least for the moment.:)
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    I would guess almost everyone who is actually an Iowa fan was over it the second it came out he's a Hawk.
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    I think this piece was wrote with a little chip on the shoulder.

    I hope Oliver kicks ass for us I really do. I would genuinely love to know why Hawkeyes fans should be applauding a kid who burned us in the first place. Maybe we shouldn’t be attacking the kid sure but I don’t think it’s wrong as a fan of this team to wonder what turned him off from these guys in the first place. You gotta understand how to outsiders this looks like a kid who burned Iowa . Outsiders may not know this kid like his parents would, like drake and angerer I don’t think what they said should be offending you or making you play victim for a 20 year old against your own fan base. People who feel like drake shouldn’t be called uneducated. Is it hard to have a convo without insults in 2019???
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    I’m comfortable with what I wrote.

    As I said in the piece, there will be people whose minds I won’t change.

    I’m just thankful it’s the vast minority of the Iowa fan base.

    I’m not answering your questions because I addressed them all in my column. It’s up to you if you choose to accept them.
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    Kulick sounded a bit like a dick before. Now we see why it's better to take the high road and keep your mouth shut sometimes. You'd think a guy who was academic all B1G would be a little smarter.
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    It seems like some people think just because you grow up in Iowa you should be a Hawk . Anyone think we could put a competitive team on the field with just Iowa kids. I don't see people complain when we pull kids from Wisconsin, Nebraska or Michigan. Been a Hawk fan all my life and I have never had a problem with s local kid going out of state. It's their life and choice.
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    I think Kulick should be a ‘19 honorary captain. Would be good message board fodder.
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    I pulled a 4.0 in college and I’m one of the overall dumbest people I know. I’m totally serious.

    A bachelors degree in a non specialized field (i.e. not chemistry/mathematics/biology) is mind-blowingly easy. It’s basically high school all over again.
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    You would have to cobble at least two semesters together to get me to a 4.0.

    Nah, it wasn't quite that bad, but I was no Rhodes scholar either. I knew where the FieldHouse was however. Both of them. And I spent a lot of time at both. And several other fine downtown establishments, frat houses, etc.
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    I said when this started he would be met with "loving arms" by Kirk. I love the fact we pulled a player from Mr. Michigan (Who still owes us for training the only decent QB he's had at Michigan for him). I hope Kirk starts getting into Jimbo's head and making him all paranoid and shit. For posters anywhere to think we can't us a legitimate receiver like Oliver is dipping a foot into to insane pool. So, he made a decision and it wasn't what he wanted, but now he sees the light. I say, cook the fatted calf and welcome home the prodigal son.
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    How did Martin "burn us" in the first place? He obviously struggled with his decision, and he was trying to make a decision on what was best for him. As @RobHowe wrote, I think having the Texas guys on staff held us back with him and also held Martin back from us. We didn't have a WR coach and he just felt he needed to go somewhere else.

    For whatever reason he wants to be back at Iowa now, and I for one am going to root for anyone in a Hawk uniform. We have had transfers come in, without having some sort of stigma in both football and basketball, why should Martin be any different?

    As far as insults go, you are correct, and I'm certainly guilty of throwing around an insult or two. Personally I don't agree with Drake, but I'm not gonna insult him. He has a perspective that I will never know being inside the program. At the same time Vandeberg was also inside the program and has a totally different opinion than Drake does. Ultimately Martin needs to win the respect of his current teammates, and I bet if he just works hard and is a good teammate, everything is going to be just fine with Marin on the team.
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    You are certainly one of the overall dumbest posters on this board.

    Just kidding @Fryowa you did set that up on a tee for me. Seriously though I think our "higher education" is at a cross roads. With the debt we are putting this generation in just to get a piece of paper which gets them an entry level job, it simply isn't sustainable. Plus universities are just big government interested in making money, taking tax payment money, and gaining prestige. The behemoth that is a university cares not at all about its everyday student. That isn't to say that individual people inside a university don't care about student, but that the institutional university doesn't give a rip about them at all.
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    Until I get a clear reason for Martin transferring, this article did not "set the record straight." In fact, it didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. I too, thought Kulick's take was immature until I listened to the latest Washed Up Walk-ons podcast. I now know where he's coming from. I don't really agree with him, but I understand his take.

    The way I understood it is this. In the locker room, guys don't really respect players who transfer in because they were buried on the depth chart and want more time. That's gotta be earned. Especially at a school like Iowa. Until players hear the truth like, "I hated Harbaugh" or "I couldn't stand my position coach" or "Michigan sucks" they will assume it was playing time. That's something the players will find out soon enough, and we most likely never will. Which is fine. That's not everybody's business.

    For sure, Kulick could have said it in a more tactful way. But that's not how he is. And if you listen to the podcast, (their latest) which I highly recommend, you'll hear him explain it better than I did. Not to mention, Tyler Kluver back him up on it.

    As a fan, I welcome OM to the team, and I have't found an Iowa fan that doesn't yet. But I also understand where Kulick is coming from. He's coming from a player's perspective. I don't agree with it. You probably don't either. And that's OK.

    But please, don't take Howe's word for it. Listen to the latest edition of the Washed Up Walk-ons podcast. It's hilarious and very interesting. It might give you a different perspective. And that's not something to proclaim as "wrong."
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    No. The record was set straight for people who choose to objectively look at the facts I laid out. You and the Washed Up Walk-ons choose to see it your way based on less knowledge of the situation. I know those guys as I covered all of their recruitments and their time at Iowa. I like them all. I didn't rip Drake or any of them if you read my column. And I didn't listen to their podcast because I don't listen to podcasts much.

    As I said, thankfully you are in the vast minority of how Hawkeye fans feel. And the former players whom I've spoken to on this topic don't feel the way Drake and others feel either. They're not naive enough to think that the only reason a guy transfers in is because he's buried on the depth chart. And players want to win. If a guy comes in, works his ass off and helps that to happen, he's welcomed with open arms.
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