Howe: Setting the Record Straight on Oliver Martin

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Jun 11, 2019.

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    Nice to hear a positive parenting story.
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    My dad passed away in 2006, my Mom in 2009. Still miss them every day, but in a good way, not a maudlin/morose way. They were incredible.
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    I work with farm families and trusts. It gets nutty.

    1..spell things out clearly and tell kids in advance.

    2. Choose your trustee or executor very carefully. Most people dont.

    3. Dont manage from the grave when children are past 30 or even 25.

    4. Families csn almost kill over estates. How you set things up without clear direction and prior conversation can destroy their relationship.

    5. When setting things up dont bypass the spouse of your child if yhey are long term married. You childs will should be honored. If there is drug addiction etc, different story but if there is likely your child has issues too.

    6. Protect your Hawkeye legacy:D
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    Wish I had that legacy.
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    I wish everyone had it. My former CPA (he retired, of course, well before I ever could) once described his dad as "a bum". Treated his Mom like crap then ran out on her, always drunk/high, always had a $ scheme/scam, showing up uninvited at holidays drunk as hell and saying, "You owe me!" in a loud slur. I almost bawled when he told me about it. I can't even imagine having to explain to your own kids why they aren't allowed to meet "grandpa"...
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    Way, way ahead of you.

    I don't have any family whatsoever to take things over if I go tits up so it's all laid out in my will.

    If I die before my retirement everything is managed by my trust and whoever the lawyer designates if he retires. I have $500,000 in life insurance, whatever is in my 401K, my house, and the stuff in it. No debt. Zero. I paid the lawyer (what I think is) a bunch of money to get as creative as I want with the trust.

    The house gets auctioned off immediately, no reserve, and the cash goes to my trust. I'm not paying for it to sit on the market and I don't want my kid to have to monkey around with a scumbag real estate agent trying to make money off both sides (sorry all you RE guys out there, you know you're kinda slimy that way). So...the LI, 401, and house proceeds belong to my son and get dished out like this...

    If he goes to college it will pay $75,000 only towards tuition after he graduates from a 4 year school, and $30,000 from a two year school. He'll have to get loans to start because I am not fucking paying for anyone to go to school for three years and not graduate.

    At age 18 he gets 50% up to $15,000 towards a car, and after graduation from college he gets $150,000 towards a house. I'll never pay all of something, he's going to have skin in the game.

    After that it's $10,000 a year until it runs out. Want to buy something big with it? Better save a couple years.

    There are stipulations that he has to stay employed and has to have health insurance or it stops. Also has exceptions for medical emergencies which is where the trust got all crazy when setting it up. You guys will tear me apart for this but the medical exceptions strictly pertain to him and any dependent children he may have. I'm sorry, but I did not work my entire life to pay for his spouse's medical problems who I don't even know. I will not have my shit squandered on someone who has some $400,000 bill for whatever the hell health issues and didn't have insurance. Flame away but I won't lose any sleep over it. My kid should be smart enough to make sure whoever he's married to has insurance and $10,000 a year should be enough to save something for the out of pocket max.
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    Except maybe too much for house and car....just an opinion, decent plan. I get your feelings sbout marriage. Dont agree on a long term marriage.

    Applaud yoh for having a plan? Given your location any chances he s a clown fan?
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    @karras What we’re you saying about people talking about their private lives?

    You deleted your post before I could respond. Don’t be so shy, love.
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    It's almost like we've had consecutive generations of leaders who pandered to the lowest common denominator to get elected. Producing a dystopia where shame was completely removed from the adult population.
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    I don’t care if he gets married. I just wanted to cover bases with my money.
    Zero chance.
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  12. WinOneThisCentury

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    He's trying to screw his transfer waiver. Typical Harbaugh douche move. Oliver's claim is coaching change, etc...but if he was listed at the top of the depth chart, etc...that hurts not helps. Don't buy the last comment...Harbaugh's a douche.
  13. PCHawk

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    Is precieved play time a factor when deciding on a waiver?
  14. deanvogs

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    I don't get at all why playing time would come into play at all, when you are wanting to transfer because of a coaching change. I mean the whole point isn't that he would or wouldn't play, it is that he is now having to play in a system and for a coach he didn't choose.
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    Thanks, Rob. We are unfortunately in an era where people assume the negative, instantly develop an opinion without fact, and spout it as quickly as they can type.
  16. BrianFerentzForPresident

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    Doesn’t want him eligible for the game against the Hawks.
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    The Bulldogs didn't want Fant eligible for the bowl game, didn't matter. We'll beat the Wolverines with or without Martin, just like we beat Mizzou without DJK.
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    You must be a communist who likes to tell people what they think. (typed as fast as I can type).
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    Da, comrade.
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    Looks like he should be eligible to play this year since Iowa transfer Josh Turner won his case to play immediately at FIU. They had another kid that won his case as well.