Howe: Who's Next? Looking at Future NFL Draft Picks from Iowa Football

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. RobHowe

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    The '20 Draft is behind us. Examining Hawkeye prospects for '21:

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  2. NikeHawk21

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    Good stuff. I saw a top 100 list that included Linderbaum. I too think he will stay at least thru his RS junior year (2021-2022).

    Imagine if we had two WRs selected in the same draft. That would be pretty good for us and hopefully for our recruiting efforts there. ISM with his special teams ability I would think is a lock to be picked barring an injury.

    Deep deep sleeper could be Julius Brents. If he locks down a starting corner spot and has a big year. You can’t teach 6’3 at that position and he seemed to be a pretty fluid athlete.
  3. Zstatman

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    I just perused a way too early mock from Sports Illustrated. You can go down the rosters of Ohio St, Clemson, and Bama and pretty much fill it up. Then sprinkle in some Penn St, Florida St, Stanford, and Oklahoma and there you have it.

    We'll see if a Hawk can play there way into the 1st round...............if there's a season.
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  5. Hawk1960

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    All solid picks. I could see Jackson late 1st round, Golston 2nd round, Cronk 3-4th round if he stays healthy and at least three of those you had listed in 5-7th round.
  6. RobHowe

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    I'll have to go check out some of the lists around the web. I honestly did this one based on how I felt about the Iowa guys. A little surprised that Linderbaum is on some lists, but like I wrote, when he was good this season, he was scary good. If he becomes consistently good, look out. I also am confident Nixon takes off this season.
  7. NikeHawk21

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    Bump. I think Iowa has a chance to have as many as 7/8 guys drafted next year.

    A Jackson
    Ihmir Smith-Marsette
    Brandon Smith

    Potential early entrants:
    Linderbaum (a recent mock had him round 1)
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