Howe's Friday 5 for 12/6

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Dec 6, 2019.

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    Thanks. I would love to see the wrestlers go all the way. Gable made so many wrestling programs work so hard chasing his success that there has been a lot of competition for awhile. The lady BBall team is always fun to watch so will need to check out their squad.

    I would give the Hawk FBall team an Above Avg rating rather than Good (but maybe your Good rating is an above avg). The Defense was excellent, Special Teams above avg, and offense was Good to inconsistent moving the ball between the 20s but no red zone punch as we all saw. But I saw 9-3 as a top level but I also didnt see such a close game at Mich, I thought we would beat ISU after they lost so much offensive firepower, but I never thought the hawks would be playing such tough Minny and Illinois teams late in the season. And the defense just held down those teams. As the season went on with Wisky being pretty dominant and Iowa struggling running the ball I thought that game would be a double digit Wisky win and yet the Hawks had it in their hands to win it.

    Very Good football season with again some gut wrenching plays that kept them from being great.