Howler Delivery: Iowa's next stud PG: Anthony Clemmons (Video from Friday)

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Howler, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Howler

    Howler Well-Known Member

    AC's #5 on the red team (Lansing Sexton). Folks, you will love watching this kid, and be sure to turn the volume up, so you can see how we do it Lansing style. Place is LOUD! Anthony, to my eyes, was easily the most dynamic and effective player on the floor. I went through and marked his individual highlights. Enjoy!

    Nice tip-in at :30

    Great steal at :50

    Beautiful assist at 1:30

    Steal and layup at 2:45

    Good athletic move to hole, but misses 4:05

    Excellent post-up and finish (6:55)

    Jumper in the corner (7:35)

    Blocks a shot (7:48)

    Another steal, beautiful outlet for assist (9:07)

    Gorgeous pass 9:40

    Athletic assist 10:35

    [ame=""]#1 Class B Sexton @ #1 Class A Eastern - YouTube[/ame]
  2. HawkeyeHypnosis

    HawkeyeHypnosis Well-Known Member

    Lookin good. He's very active.
  3. tksirius

    tksirius HN's Love Doctor

    Very well composed. Exactly what you want out of your pg.
  4. CAARHawk

    CAARHawk Banned

    Wonder how he will repond to the soothing sounds of CHA after playing in that scene?

    Lots of good athletes on that court. But sometimes a bunch of good athletes makes for some ugly hoops.
  5. CHShawk

    CHShawk Well-Known Member

    Good stuff thanks for posting. Looked solid against what looked like some pretty good competition. Tough to get a gauge based on a 13 minute youtube video, but Clemmons looked the part of a good PG in the video.
  6. Howler

    Howler Well-Known Member

    There is quite a bit of D1 talent on that floor, including a future Michigan State Spartan. Even some MSU writers are raving about Clemmons, saying he may be the best guy on the team. Lansing Sexton is one of the best teams in a talent-rich state.

    These are the schools that played against Magic Johnson many years ago. It's a strong basketball conference.
  7. JugadorHawk

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    Some MSU writers said that he is the best player on Sexton including Valentine? I find that hard to believe but if true, WOW!
  8. JHHawk

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    Valentine,the MSU commit on Sexton,is much higher rated than Clemmons,but Anthony looks darn good to me. Should be an interesting dynamic the next few years for Clemmons who will be coming home to face MSU and his teammate(altho next year they only play Iowa at Iowa...chance for Anthony to get early bragging rights?).
  9. JHHawk

    JHHawk Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the video,Howler.
  10. tweeterhawk

    tweeterhawk Well-Known Member

    The kid seems to be an unselfish player, pretty strong on defense (a real ball hawk), can drive or dish. Nice find, Howler. Thanks for posting.