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Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by RobHowe, Sep 17, 2019.

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    Thanks for posting Rob! I chose just a couple of years ago to get more involved with one of my passions, Iowa Wrestling, by volunteering time, talent and resources. The final straw was the luring of Iowa Wrestlers to Iowa State. I asked Coach Brands what WE could do to help and he said support the Hawkeye Wrestling Club. Iowa Wrestling has the support of the foundation for fundraising and the athletic department (which Coach Brands also needs our support as well). The difference is, the Hawkeye Wrestling Club has volunteers to fundraise compared to the foundation which has full time staff. So we as fans need to do it through events like these and the Inner Circle. So if you can sponsor a foursome, sponsor a hole or want to golf sign up today. Coach Brands, Mark Perry and the HWC team members will be there in full force along with past Hawkeye legends. They are all very gracious and engaging at these events. Be sure to stay for the post event TALK by Coach Brands and staff...always candid to say the least! You won't regret taking an afternoon off, spending it on the course for a great cause.


    Now that I just saw the recent proposal by ISU for their power and light district, I hope that more Hawk fans take a STAND and are moved to support the HWC through events like these. It is time to our part on ANY level.