I Guess They Still Aren't Waving to Each Other in the Morning

Discussion in 'Football' started by skinnykilmer17, Feb 2, 2019.

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    This is a dispute over land use. Frankly, I see absolutely no grounds for parties outside the dispute to take sides.

    On the surface, it looks like some of the land owners want to upgrade the road and subdivide their properties for sale. Another landowner, who happens to be much wealthier, wants to block it. These sorts of disputes happen all the time.
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    Rich people problems
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    Seems like it is more about no wanting more neighbors/development than it is about money. I mean these types of road assessments happen in these "rural" type developments all the time, and $10G aint the issue for the Ferentz's I bet.
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    Something to that measure it appears, at least from Ferentz's side of things.
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    Not even sure why this is brought up in another thread. I thought it might be about two coaches not liking each other on the recruiting trail. doesnt matter in the least and if the Ferentz's did break the agreement first then they should lose.
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    Ferentz should just buy the other property and put in a small amusement park for his grandkids someday.
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    I can see it! Kirk's signature ride at his park will be a train that he conducts and drives. The track will be around 10ft long and angled to the right. He drives it forward 2 yards, backs it up, drives it forward 2 yards, backs it up...

    Despite his repeated warnings the grandkids eventually hop the train to the next attraction, "Who can throw the football the farthest".

    In unison the kids yell, "That's football Pappy!" as Kirk furiously scribbles in his notepad and chomps his gum.
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    What would we name it?

    The Outside Zone?
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    I doubt Kirk would have gone through with this if he wasn't positive he would win. The negative press wouldn't have been worth it.
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