I really hope this isn't true...

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    Keeler sits down for a chat with DJK | Hawk Central

    I was gone all Easter weekend, so maybe this got posted, but I didn't see it.

    An excerpt:

    Again, if true, stay classy KF...:rolleyes:
  2. busabus114

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    KF is classy and if thats how he handled the DJK situation I think it shows how fed up KF was with the whole situation....DJK did plenty to **** off KF in addition to getting busted for coke, pills, etc

    Stories about DJK scheduling classes to purposely interfere with spring practice so he didnt have to practice everyday come to mind as additional actions that would push KF to his limits
  3. iahawk20

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    KF is a very loyal man, he is absolutely loved by his players and coaches, that is a fact.

    DJK should look in the mirror...maybe then he will understand why that relationship is likely destroyed. Writing a few letters three months later does not change things DJK...he'll figure it out someday, I hope.
  4. busabus114

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    PS - who writes letters these days other than my grandma?!
  5. Xerxes

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    Kirk doesn't give a whole lot of insight to the things going on inside the program during his pressers or other inteviews. He never really has. My guess is that he does that for a purpose and he wants his players to follow that, particularly when they are more likely to make a comment that could stir up trouble.

    As DJK said, they're his rules. I'm only a fan and I don't like it but its his ship, so you have to respect it.

    As for him getting the silent treatment after getting arrested, once again I'm sure Kirk had his reasons. Whatever they are, you have to deal with it. Maybe Kirk felt betrayed, or mad at a star player who made a really bad decision, possibly had enough of DJK and said to heck with it, I'm not even going to deal with him again. Who knows.

    Kirk is a class act and at the same time, serious, very serious old school. If you embarrass the program like DJK did, you should expect nothing more than what DJK got.
  6. rdbrett

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    Are you still actually still trying to play the, "everyone is picking on DJK" card? Seriously? Good grief. And, you are questioning the "class" of KF? Get a grip...go cheer on the Clowns for all I care. I took the bait on this post, I see most did not.
  7. hawkfan2679

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    Do you mean by posting an article and specifically an excerpt from an article that I had nothing to do with? That pretty much spells out that I'm trying to feel sorry for DJK, I guess. Or, it could be that I think the way that was handled was all wrong regardless of the player in question.

    Ferentz kicked him off the team without saying anything to him, and apparently told his assistants not to say anything to him either. I am certainly questioning the classiness of that particular decision.

    There was not intended to be any bait in this post. It was an article that was posted several days ago that I hadn't seen posted, but I was very surprised at the way things were handled.
  8. tm3308

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    Well they're way more personal than voicemails or e-mails. They actually take a little time. I can't say I blame Ferentz for not responding. I'd really like to see that relationship repaired to some extent, but I know (and I think DJK does as well) that it won't happen anytime soon.
  9. joemc1

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    I think this is probably true. I think KF and DJK frustrated each other to no end. DJK appears to be a good guy, but a free spirit. Kf is a great guy but very regimented and extremely stubborn; mixed like oil and water.
  10. ripvdub

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    What's kirk doing that he can't talk to djk...other than writing in his journal and chomping on his gum.
  11. ChosenChildren

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    I'm so sick of DJK I want to puke. There isn't enough mustard in the world for this hot dog.

  12. homerHAWKeye777

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    hawkfan2679 -

    You're acting/sounding as though it weren't building to that point. On the contrary, Ferentz and Co dealt with DJK's antics for A LONG time. They even worked out an agreement with him insofar that they'd give him playing time ... but he'd respect that fact that he was on a short leash.

    DJK breached his end of the deal and was let loose. He's a fool if he didn't see that one coming. Frankly, Ferentz and Co didn't have to say it DJK explicitly afterwards. You can bet that the ramifications of his continued poor decision-making were made crystal clear to DJK before he finally got busted.

    As a fan ... I saw that one coming from a ways off.
  13. hawkfan2679

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    I don't really disagree with anything you said (**Edit - Unless the line about Ferentz and Co not having to say anything explicitly meant actually talking to him to dismiss him). My concern was the bolded portion (**Edit - Sorry, the bolded portion of the OP)...how do you kick a guy off the team and not even tell him in person? Not directly, not through a staff member, not through a GA...but through the media. Nice. I don't care as much that Ferentz didn't make an attempt at speaking with him after this all went down, but the way he found out about his dismissal is just plain bush.
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  14. homerHAWKeye777

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    If a guy has ALREADY been clearly sent a message that if he steps out of line AGAIN, then he's gone .... I see no reason why the coach has to then reiterate it "officially" in person.

    At a certain point, you can only do so much "hand holding." First and foremost, Ferentz is an educator ... and he's given DJK more than his due time/attention. Frankly, DJK didn't deserve to get any parting comment from Ferentz ... and I think that Ferentz sent the right message by how he's handled things.
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  15. hawkfan2679

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    I may have missed this, but you've got proof he gave him an ultimatum? Or was the understanding just that he was on a short leash? Either way, I don't understand why you can't be a stand-up guy and let the guy know he's off the team. Sure, the implication that he'd get booted was there, but to receive confirmation through the media and never really get any sort of official notice from the football department? I guess I still fail to see how that's defend-able.
  16. Hawksd

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    The kid craves attention more than anything. Ignoring him was probably the best way to punish him.

    I think people who have been critical over the way Kirk handled DJK have been proven wrong repeatedly.
  17. ColoradoHAWKEYE

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    still hope he gets a late round draft number!
  18. CAARHawk

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    I think a lot of this is because DJK has found out pretty decisively that he is not getting drafted. He says it is his fault, but I am not sure he completely buys it. Might be a residual issue from his childhood. But, this interview is NOT going to help. It might have been his attempt to take one last parting shot at KF, but probably ends up just being a final nail in the coffin.
  19. BlckNGldHwk

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    I'm as disappointed in the way Kirk has handled this as I was in DJK that he made such a foolish choice. Poor behavior by one individual does not absolve another from treating that person like a human being. I'm disappointed in them both.
  20. Hawkeye101

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    Arent' there 2 sides to every story? You have DJK's side, but what about KF's side. Do you know for a fact that they never talked with him? I didn't think so. Always best to get both side of the story and ALL of the facts before drawing a conclusion and passing judgement.