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    As I said in the other thread, I agree that some adjustments were made (I was probably a little harsh with the hyperbole there), but those adjustments should have happened much earlier.

    The bigger issue late was our inability to get stops. Dribble penetration killed us late, and their shooters were way too comfortable as our defenders were mostly on their heels.
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    Yea we gave up a few easy baskets in a row that killed us. I really think the team was out of gas. The biggest killers of the night was the Bohannon impersonator drilling two 3s in a row about 5 feet behind the line.
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    Just like they didn't beat Purdue in 2011
    Or Wisconsin in 2013
    Or Michigan in 2014 and 2019
    Or Sparty in 2015

    And probably a couple other home wins over top tens that I've forgotten about.

    Are you here to say that we are going to finish 1-19 in the B1G?
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    Come on, guys! How many players does Fran have to work with this point of the season?
    If you have 4 players out injured and that leaves you, 7 players Right?
    If you have permutations of 7(n) players taken 5(r) at a time.
    7!/(7-5)!= 2520 possibility. That's a lot less availability to work with especially in B1G.
    What if nobody is hurt or out and Fran have permutations of 12(n) players, 12!/(12-5)!=95040 possibility. Huge difference. If the team is playing with full strengths. Fran would have many more chances to win games. It's not his fault.
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    I double checked the math. He's right.
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    I checked your math. You're wrong.
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    Right Again!

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    You can't prognosticate your way out of a paper bag.
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    He was talking about the game in a few weeks.
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