"Icing" the kicker

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    One of the biggest myths in sports. (and it's been debated here occasionally). Not only does calling a timeout not "ice" a kicker, it might actually give him some extra time and a better chance to focus. Keith Duncan seems to agree.

    “I liked it when they iced me,” he said. “As a kicker, you’re not used to being on the field for 30 minutes like an offensive or defensive player would. We go out on the field for maybe a total of 45 seconds the entire game, so having that extra time to be in the moment and soak in the atmosphere helped me out a lot.”

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    Another good example is the game against ISU in 2014. KF called the timeout right as the ISU kicker was kicking it, and he missed it. Of course, on the 2nd attempt, he made it. These days, I'd feign calling the timeout....kickers just assume that's what you'll do, but I wouldn't call it.
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    Exactly. Have a guy take a step back and look at sideline, especially a guy who may be playing "safe", anyway. Gives appearance of calling it, but don't call it.
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    I think it is hit or miss (pun intended). Do you think this timeout 'iced' Parkey before the double doink (he did make the kick when the timeout was called, but who really knows about that one)? Or, did Parkey just stink this year? :)

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    Parkey's kick was slightly blocked on that kick. You didnt read about that?

    But yes Parkey was also inconsistent and I think he boinked 4 kicks off of the uprights in one game.
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    It was blocked yes, because he kicked it a bit lower than normal. And yes, he struggled at home all year. Did that play into the Eagles coach calling a timeout to make him think about it?

    From this same discussion, does this work on a free throw shooter. Does calling timeout before a couple of important FTs matter?
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    Probably ... the Saints tried a timeout before this kick ... and it didn't work.

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    I think there's a stigma or myth among kickers that if you attempt the "iced" one and make it, you'll overcompensate when aiming on the next one and miss.

    Then again, Marshall Koehn laughs at the thought of such silly superstitions. No mortal could control the power of his leg.