If Greg McDermott never existed...

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  1. would Ben Jacobsen be one of the top 3 on the wish list of new Iowa coaches if Lick is fired? I think what McDermott has done at ISU is causing a negative backlash at Jacobsen and I would be excited with him as the coach.

    Positives: he is youngish, let's the 3's fly and appears to recruit based as much on defensive ability (athletisicm) as offensive prowess. Seems to be a rah rah type and outgoing. He will make adjustments.

    -I know we are all starving for offensive dynamism but I think the B10 is going to be what it is now for awhile. Low scoring grinds.

    Negatives: never been at the head of a major program, cv has a lot of similarities to Lickliter, not sure if he could put a staff together that can go in to the bigger cities and pull kids.
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    I thought that was one of the main negatives of our current system, wasn't it? Honest question.
  3. I think it was more that the coach was alrite with taking alot of 3's but the positions that these 3's were being taken from (ie shot clock running down, obviously never in transition) was the problem. I think most of us would agree that they are not against shooting 15-20 3's per game as long as they are meaningful.
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    I think Mac and Lick both have taken Ben off of the radar screen...not to mention UNI is no offensive powerhouse and again, thanks to style of play, everyone wants to move in a different direction, not just have someone come in and try to do the same thing, better.

    Edit: Also, part of Lick's criticism is that he took over and maintained a program and never had to build it at Butler...Jake is in that same boat, keeping UNI rolling after Mac left for ISU.
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    Totally agree, Barta's gotta go in a different direction, and what a real kick in the stones would be is if Ben goes to a major program and is successful. Everyone will be on Barta for not getting the guy that was right in his own back yard.

    Barta's gotta come up big this time around.
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    Damned if you do, damned if you don't...welcome to Iowa 2010!
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    Isn't UNI a whole lot better now than they were under McDermott?
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    Yes, that argument can be made, but they were already well established...that same point could be made about Butler from Matta, Lick and Currently. Neither program was built from nothing by their current coaches.
  9. If UNI makes a run to the Sweet 16 and gets a ton of buzz during the tourney does that have any effect?
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    I don't mind shooting three's. Iowa's problem is two fold. First, they don't make a good percentage and still shoot a lot. IMO, the primary reason they don't make a good % is because they don't really have any player that strikes fear into the heart of the opposition with his hands in his ball that can regularly finish at the rim, if he can even get there. That means that you don't have to sag off your man and play help defense, which means fewer open looks...and more bail out shots in the shot clock.

    How many 24+ footers did we see Gatens shoot this year? A lot. Frustration, because that was about the only time he had an open look.

    As for Jacobsen, no thanks. If Iowa makes a change I want to see an entirely different paradigm in style of play.
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    That kind of sums up Iowa's problems, doesn't it? :D
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    They're not a whole lot better now than with Mac. They didn't do a whole lot the first two years under Jake. The kids Jake has had success with the past two years come from recruits they got when Mac was still head coach. No thanks on Jake. Could be a good coach at a different big time school but don't want to take a chance, because that is what we just did that last two times and it didn't work.
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    I understand that line of thinking Jon.

    But I don't think you should immediately disregard the man just because he plays a similar style. And really, he actually runs stuff. He actually lets his bigs post up and he lets them try and score in the post. His players develop, ESPECIALLY his bigs (Gruber, Koch, Egleseder, Coleman). I've talked to my friend who is a JUCO head coach in AZ and he asked if I thought Iowa would take a look at Jake. I said I thought they would at least consider it. He thinks Jake would be VERY good at Iowa.

    Jake is young, a very good coach, has deep recruiting connections in the midwest (especially Minneapolis) and is first class all the way.

    Don't get me wrong, Pearl is my first choice for a LOT of reasons but if he doesn't want the job, I'd be disappointed it we didn't at least consider Jake for the job.
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    I'd make that three-fold. Teams that are successful shooting a lot of threes (Drake under the Davises, the Iowa women's team for example) not only have kids who can shoot, but they take shoots when they are available, be it the first five seconds of the shot clock or the last five. Now, more shots are available when you have someone who can drive and dish for sure, but more shots are also available in secondary breaks, something we rarely have taken advantage of.
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