If TCU wins tonight, time to make Mountain West champ an auto BCS

Discussion in 'Football' started by BSpringsteen, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. BSpringsteen

    BSpringsteen Well-Known Member

    The way the Mountain West has dominated, if TCU wins tonight, that conference is every bit of deserving of the BCS as any other one. Might be time to add another BCS game?
  2. Hawkfromnorwalk

    Hawkfromnorwalk Well-Known Member

    No. If anything add them and drop the Big East. No need to cheapen the BCS anymore by adding more BCS games.
  3. ArizonaHawkeye88

    ArizonaHawkeye88 Well-Known Member

    What are you smoking?
  4. BSpringsteen

    BSpringsteen Well-Known Member

    Weed, but what exactly does that have to do with the conversation at hand?
  5. HawkeyeShane

    HawkeyeShane Well-Known Member

    The winner will more than likely wind up with an at large anyway, so why lock them into an automatic and wind up with another Big East on our hands....now back to the important stuff...

    What kind of weed?
  6. theboat

    theboat Well-Known Member

  7. HawkeyeShane

    HawkeyeShane Well-Known Member

  8. BSpringsteen

    BSpringsteen Well-Known Member

    [QUOTEWhat kind of weed?[/QUOTE]

    I dunno man, whatever Clarence gave to me.
  9. HawkeyeShane

    HawkeyeShane Well-Known Member

    I dunno man, whatever Clarence gave to me.[/QUOTE]

    That's why you da boss!
  10. TChawk

    TChawk Banned

  11. egami

    egami Well-Known Member

    I think even the Big East plays a tougher collective schedule.
  12. IATrainMaster101

    IATrainMaster101 Well-Known Member

    As mentioned the winner will likely get a BCS game. I would like to see the BCS add a rule that no team will get into the title game without 3 wins over BCS conf schools and a computer SOS in the top 40 or so.

    I know it never came into play this season but if Texas would hav lost TCU would have been in the discussion over a school that played a much tougher schedule.
  13. Warhawks77

    Warhawks77 Well-Known Member

  14. IATrainMaster101

    IATrainMaster101 Well-Known Member

    I don''t mind that scenario at all but as I see it one of the biggest problems is the fan travel. Realisticly I don't see the BSC going to any kind of playoff system anytime soon in large part for that very reason. I could be wrong but I don't see it. In lieu of that, since I don't think it will hapen, I think focus could go towards the regular season and what it takes to qualify for the BSC NC game.

    To take that a step further, I would like to see BCS conf challenges like in B-Ball (B10 ACC challenge) Take confrences match them up in order of previous seasons finish and play home/ away games. Throw your ND's, TCU and Boise States of the world in for un even confrences. To me that would go a little ways towards strengthening schedules and answering questions early. Just another possibility.
  15. DeanMarshall

    DeanMarshall Well-Known Member

    Have to Chime in here. ESPN or SI.com sold TCU as the greatest team to go undefeated in 50 years. Before this game, almost no one was giving Boise State a chance against the 'speed of TCU'.

    Again, those speed folks were BLASTED with foot in mouth disease. Sure Glad the I correctly picked the Boise State Broncos!
  16. bws258

    bws258 Well-Known Member

    one of the BCS requirements should be to have at least 9 teams (maybe 10 minimum?)
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