If The B1G cancels CBB

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by InGoodCo, Sep 10, 2020.

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    What Big 12/SEC/ACC team gets Luka and Jordan for a year?
  2. InGoodCo

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    I figured this would go over about this well, but it's something I legitimately thought about today.
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    I will riot.
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    The B1G is getting raked over the coals by national media, particularly east coast, for not trying to have a football season, especially after they had just released a schedule.

    Among other things they have pointed out that Michigan State has campus intramurals, but no football.

    The B1G may end up being proven correct. But if not, they are going to be under some pressure when it comes to the decision to cancel basketball.
  6. BryceC

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    Basketball is happening. No worries.
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  7. RobHowe

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    Apples to oranges comparison IMO. Much easier to play basketball in bubble because of the time of year (classes will be online only for about two months), fewer athletes, more testing now than when football postponed, including rapid testing. I'm confident we'll see college basketball just not sure what it will look like.
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  8. Motigerhawk

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    I agree with all if the statements. Warren made the B1G look bad with all that is going on around football. Basketball will happen. And Iowa WILL win the national championship.
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    If BIG slow-plays opening hoops, but other conferences don't, the BIG might as well be the MAC, moving forward, in regards to recruiting.
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    It really wasn't Warren's decision. If I remember correctly, the university presidents voted 11-3 to not have the college football season. Now I understand they will allow it to begin October 23rd-24th. Meanwhile, most other conferences are playing games. Pretty shortsighted, but university presidents aren't always known for being big fans of athletics.
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    It's similar in a lot of ways to Roger Goodell. Both he and Warren are the face of the organization and take most of the heat, but it's really the puppet masters pulling their strings (team owners and college presidents) that are to blame.
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