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Discussion in 'Football' started by 4thngoal, Dec 12, 2018.

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    I think this day and age we take injuries for granted. With all the advancements in modern medicine and surgical procedures, we see players coming back from things more and more and almost assume that these injuries are "fixable" and don't necessarily think about the severity of the injury.

    Maybe I'd just been naïve to it in the past, but what's going on with the battle Alex Smith and his current medical condition has really opened my eyes. You tend to put it in perspective of their career, but forget the ramifications of how it could affect their life outside of sports.
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    Yep, you never want to have surgery and risk an infection if you dont have to.
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    I've had a few sports related surgeries since my "glory days" and never once did I think about the risk of infection that comes with it. You get so focused on getting back to the way things were you don't think about what might happen. It's scary.
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    I had a cousin who was really heavy, 6 ft 320 lbs plus, who went into the hospital to get his stomach stapled and he never came out alive. Caught an infection and died in 3 days, friggin bad staph and other infections in hospitals.

    Now when you have elective surgery they have you shower and wash for about a week with Hibiclens and also put antibiotic ointment up into your nasal passages to kill has much bacteria on your body as possible.

    Still much of the problem is bacteria in the hospital
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    Correct. Better to exhaust all non-surgical options first before risking complications of someone cutting into you.