If you had the ability to install 4 fast food joints inside Kinnick

Discussion in 'Football' started by okeefe4prez, Jul 31, 2018.

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    to each their own - I actually think their toppings are what make them decent. Again, the actual burger is kind of over rated, but I found my go to there, I also like their fry sauce. Which is like a sriracha mayo southwest sauce. The Dead Elvis has an egg, bacon, fried bananas and peanut butter and it's amazing. I also get that it's a tourist trap of a place and aimed towards kids. I am not saying it's the BEST, just, better then it gets credit for from the yuppies. It was the hot new place to go, then EVERYONE went and then it was like "oh that place that everyone goes to? Oh it sucks" ...that happens

    For example, I love B&B Market - home of the Heart Attack Burger in Des Moines - I say that place all the time and people look at me like I suggested we go eat at Arbys. It's an amazing and unknown lil spot just south of down town DM. LOVE IT.
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    Good Call - Casey's at Kinnick seems like a natural fit.
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    I thought the Krause family gives some serious coin to the school - not a great idea to bring in Caseys if that's the case.
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    Stands with Banh Mi, Onigari, kimbap/takbokki. and one with Jiǎozi.
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    ahhh... did not know that either. I just think Casey's because most towns in Iowa have 2 of them, sometimes across the street from each other.
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    Pagliai's is awesome but at Kinnick it would be like $10 a slice
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    I just found that the quality of the meat was something you'd find in Canada or something.
    I love lots of toppings, but nothing really out of the ordinary - While bananas and peanut butter are amazing together I wouldn't want it on a burger... Recently I've been making a topping using cream cheese, crushed bacon, chopped fresh jalepeno, cheddar cheese and salsa verde and slathering that all over the burger/stuff/shape burger into a bowl etc.. Add some chipotle/sriracha mayo and it's incredible
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    That sounds incredible! I like toppings on my burgers personally. Bacon, egg and Jalepeno's are my go to
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    The anti-Chick-Fil-A crowd would buy tix just so they can protest. A win all around. Increased ticket sales, all activity centered near CFA, which frees up the bathrooms, and much more crowd "noise" to throw off our opponents.

    Hell, I'm emailing Gary Barta on this one.
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    I hate Chick-Fil-A's beliefs, but their chicken is delicious! So ultimately eating there wins out.
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    Hey Hey, ho ho, this fascist chicken's got to go
    Hey hey, ho ho, the homophobes have got to go

    After about 3 minutes of hearing that, I'd be inclined to not go back to another game. But you'd get it for 3-4 hours. SJWs can only come up with at most 2 chants and you will hear them thousands of times. You would lose it, man.
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    Doesn't matter to me, I'm streaming from Orlando, with a Tombstone on the table, a Yuengling in one hand, and the remote in the other.
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    The remote; that's what you're calling it?

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    Or a clicker. Get your mind out of the gutter!
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    Freebirds is pretty good, I agree! They have a much larger variety of fresh toppings to add to your burrito, but I always give the nod to Pancheros due to fresh tortilla. I also think Freebirds protein choices are often bland. But good call. I always make sure to get a monster when I'm traveling to an area that has one.
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    The four in the lead for Jack Trice




    And as a tribute to Shane Mack

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    Show off
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    Yeah - I'm one of the anti Chick-Fil-A crowd but not actually an
    "unshaven bitch"
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    Chick-Fil-A, Hungry HoBo, Five Guys ... all anchored around a Binny's Beverage Depot for fluids.